Ras Mhaigheo 2019 GC After Stage 2

Standings after Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Please note the Commissaire’s Communique Stage 1 report at the bottom of the GC

Sprint and KOH Classification also at the bottom.


PlaceNoNameCategoryClubTotal Time
1.143Kevin McCambridgeJRVitus-Chill.ie-NRPT2:32:03
2.26Charles PrendergastA1Castlebar Cycling Club+0:07
3.137Jason KennyA2UCD Cycling Club+0:20
4.71Ronan KilleenA1Lucan Cycling Road Club+0:24
5.36Cian KeoghA1Ciclotel YPB+0:30
6.68Rory DevlinA1Inishowen Wheelers+0:32
7.3Anthony MurrayA2Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+0:36
8.135Conor MurnaneA1UCD Cycling Club+0:48
9.23Jarlath HassettA1Burren Cycling Club+0:52
10.50Darragh McCarterA1Donegal Bay Cycling Club+0:54
11.139Sean LandersA2UCD Cycling Club+0:59
12.83Paul KennedyA1Newcastle West Cycling Club+1:01
13.73Cian MayA2Lucan Cycling Road Club+1:03
14.131Sean MooreA1Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services+1:09
15.136Simon JonesA1UCD Cycling Club+1:09
16.110Kieran ReganA1St. Tiernans Cycling Club+1:10
17.129Dillon CorkeryA1Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services+1:10
18.144Seán O’MalleyA1Western Lakes CC+1:10
19.122Richard MaesA1STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team+1:13
20.113Peter McColganA2St. Tiernans Cycling Club+1:18
21.17Stephen MurphyA1Black Rose Racing+1:19
22.141Aaron WadeJRVitus-Chill.ie-NRPT+1:19
23.18Colm SheahanA1Blarney Cycling Club+1:20
24.104Ronan O’FlynnA1Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club+1:24
25.128Cian SutcliffeA1Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services+1:25
26.54Mark McGinleyA2Four Masters CC+1:26
27.134Cathal MoynihanA1Tralee Manor West BC+1:27
28.127Aaron DohertyA1Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services+1:28
29.5Eamon DalyA2Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+1:29
30.40Mark SmithJRCiclotel YPB+1:29
31.55Mitchell MclaughlinA2Four Masters CC+1:29
32.81Sean MolloyA2Nenagh Cycling Club+1:29
33.37Alexander MacRaeA1Ciclotel YPB+1:31
34.94Tom MoriartyJRO’Leary Stone Kanturk+1:31
35.118Kevin KeaneA3St. Tiernans Cycling Club+1:33
36.35Andrew ChiversA1Ciclotel YPB+1:36
37.107Neal HudsonA2Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club+1:36
38.124Matthew McCullaghA1Sundrive Track Team+1:36
39.138Leo DoyleA2UCD Cycling Club+1:36
40.62Cillian MurphyA3Galway Bay CC+1:37
41.96David KyleA2Panduit Carrick Wheelers+1:38
42.7James McGreevyA1Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+1:39
43.52Cathal GallagherJRErrigal Cycling Club+1:40
44.58Donal WalshJRFour Masters CC+1:41
45.121Mark QuigleyA1STRATA3/VeloRevolution Racing Team+1:41
46.29David WalsheA1Castlebar Cycling Club+1:42
47.67Ruaidhri GeraghtyA3Galway Bay CC+1:42
48.132Mark McClureA1Team Caldwell Cycles+1:42
49.10Darragh ZaidanA2Arcane Cycling Team+1:44
50.130Jack CaldwellA1Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services+1:44
51.142Dylan TraynorJRVitus-Chill.ie-NRPT+1:44
52.97Barry McMahonA1Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club+1:47
53.27David BrennanA1Castlebar Cycling Club+1:49
54.28David BrodyA1Castlebar Cycling Club+1:49
55.1Keith MulroyJRWestport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+1:51
56.6Joe MoranA2Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+1:51
57.80Mike BrowneA2Nenagh Cycling Club+1:52
58.59Gerard FordeA2Galway Bay CC+1:55
59.49Aaron McBrideA1Donegal Bay Cycling Club+1:56
60.115Tiit TalumaaA2St. Tiernans Cycling Club+1:56
61.72Andrew KeoghA2Lucan Cycling Road Club+1:58
62.45Albert MurphyA2Dolmen CC+1:59
63.75Sean FlynnA2Lucan Cycling Road Club+1:59
64.105Brian McArdleA2Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club+2:03
65.31John KellyA3Castlebar Cycling Club+2:04
66.8Ryan ByrneA1Arcane Cycling Team+2:05
67.24Mark ShannonA1Burren Cycling Club+2:09
68.9Andre GrennellA2Arcane Cycling Team+2:18
69.126Billy CrosbieA3Sundrive Track Team+2:20
70.33Cian NooneA3Challenge Cycling Club+2:22
71.145Janis BlinovsA2Western Lakes CC+2:25
72.22Owen MullowneyA3Blarney Cycling Club+2:26
73.19James O’SullivanA1Blarney Cycling Club+2:29
74.20Gary BoyleA2Blarney Cycling Club+2:30
75.78Stephen ConroyA2Lucan Cycling Road Club+2:31
76.133David ConnollyA3Team Gerry McVeigh Cars+2:31
77.56Jason McHughA3Four Masters CC+2:43
78.51Paul McCarterA2Donegal Bay Cycling Club+3:54
79.146John GillA2Western Lakes CC+10:55
80.87Arnaud DumoulinJRO’Leary Stone Kanturk+11:03
81.149Michael StaffordA3Wexford Wheelers+11:15
82.82James SkehanA3Nenagh Cycling Club+11:34
83.32Steven TimlinA3Castlebar Cycling Club+11:43
84.85Gerard WardA3Newcastle West Cycling Club+11:50
85.116Barry WalshA3St. Tiernans Cycling Club+11:51
86.147Ainars MaskalansA3Western Lakes CC+11:55
87.39Jonny FosterJRCiclotel YPB+11:59
88.14Oisin McavockA3Ballina Cycling Club+12:02
89.74Robert FarrellA2Lucan Cycling Road Club+12:03
90.2Michael FlynnA3Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+12:07
91.69Rodney OrrA3Inishowen Wheelers+12:08
92.16Alan ConcannonA3Belmullet Cycling Club+12:11
93.4Bryan HylandA2Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club+12:16
94.38David O’SullivanJRCiclotel YPB+12:23
95.11Sam GilmoreA2Arcane Cycling Team+15:04
96.44Nathan KurenskyJRCunga CC+15:37
97.100Callum O’TooleA1Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club+21:59
98.112Dermot CooneyA2St. Tiernans Cycling Club+22:05
99.86Nathan TeskeyJRNewcastle West Cycling Club+22:32
100.140Maura ClaffeyA3 (Lady)UCD Cycling Club+22:47
101.88Daniel Yon HinJRO’Leary Stone Kanturk+24:39
102.91Luke ThompsonJRO’Leary Stone Kanturk+24:55
103.65Marty MannionA3Galway Bay CC+29:30
104.66Rory MooneyA3Galway Bay CC+29:39
105.34Warren BlackburnA3Challenge Cycling Club+29:43
106.63Donal MahonA3Galway Bay CC+32:44
107.125Thomas O’BrienA2Sundrive Track Team+33:19
108.60Iarla FeeneyA2Galway Bay CC+41:51
109.79George DuffyA3Lucan Cycling Road Club+45:02
110.148John O’HalloranA3Western Lakes CC+46:13
111.70John GilleranA3Longford Cycling & Racing Club+48:41


Commissaire’s Communique Stage 1

Penalties as follows:

Regulation 1.1:  Failure to sign start sheet.

Rider 104 – Warning


Regulation 12.1: Failure to obey statutory traffic regulations or laws.

Riders 86 and 19: 40 euro fine and report to Commissaire prior to Stage 3 sign-on


Regulation 37.2: Behaviour of a rider which damages the image of cycling. (Littering)

Riders 116, 140 and 133: 20 euro fine.


Note 1: Riders are reminded to obey statutory traffic laws at all times.



Sprints Classification  
1st3Anthony MurrayWestport Covey Wheelers4
2nd8Ryan ByrneArcane3
3rd71Ronan KilleenLucan CRC2
4th135Conor MurnaneUCD2
5th23Jarlath HassettBurren CC1


KOH Classification
1st144Sean O’MalleyWestern Lakes4
2nd71Ronan KilleenLucan CRC4
3rd3Anthony MurrayWestport Covey Wheelers3
4th118Kevin KeaneSt Tiernans1


A2/A3/Jnr Classification
1st143Kevin McCambridgeVitus-Chill.ie-NRPT
2nd137Jason KennyUCD Cycling Club+0:20
3rd3Anthony MurrayWestport Covey Wheelers+0:36
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