Westport TT Training League 2018

The final of the Westport TT League took place on a cool breezy Thursday evening. Mary Daly was leading the way in the table and with her nearest challenger suffering from about of man-flu the title looked to be hers for the taking. League regulars Freda Kay, Mick Hogan and Deirdre Clarke were out to test themselves once again, as was our new U12 National Champion Charlie Kelly.

Listed here are the times for the final round, followed by the Final Standings. It wasn’t a day for improvements, with only Yvonne Rogan setting a PB on the course.  A top 5 result was enough to keep Mary at the top of the standings, a well deserved reward for consistent performance in each round.

Thanks to all involved on the night, and throughout the season for running the league. Thanks to Richard and Siobhan for providing the tea and cakes at the end, as far we know getting back for treats was a big reason for the fast times all year.

Final Round Times

  1. James McGreevy       22:02
  2. Declan Gallagher       24:53
  3. Robert Coakley          25:07
  4. Francis McGreal        25:50
  5. Mary Daly                    27:06
  6. Ann Marie Meaney    27:54
  7. Tommie Gill                29:01
  8. Mick Hogan                29:12
  9. Charlie Kelly               30:00
  10. Yvonne Rogan            31:31
  11. Deirdre Clarke            33:02
  12. Freda Kay                    35:59
Westport TT League Standings 2018
1Mary DalyCovey26.1527:06:0026155
2Declan GallagherCovey23.5124.5329143
3Aidan GillCovey23.43marshal10127
4Colm StauntonCovey24.35114
5Mick HoganCovey29.1128:12:0023106
6Brain GlaveyCovey24.09104
7Tommie GillCovey27.5729:01:002499
8Keith O’ConnellTri25.14marshal1094
9Cormac ConnaghanCovey26.1590
10Richard MeaneyCovey22.37marshal1086
11Freda KayCovey34.4835:59:001984
12Deirdre ClarkeCovey31.3933:02:002084
13Walter LyonsCovey25.2476
14Francis McGrealCovey25.4525:50:002774
15Theo InghamCovey28.5268
16Charlie KellyCovey29.5630:00:002268
17Aaron DohertyCovey21.1762
18Joe MoranCovey23.2662
19Stephan BrehenyCovey30.2559
20James McGreevyCovey22.0222:023059
21Noel KellyCovey28.01marshal1056
22Kieran MulchroneTri25.3651
23Yvonne RoganTri31.4331:31:003151
24David RodgersCovey26.2347
25Eoghan CarrCovey26.4645
26Mark GannonCovey26.2143
27Ollie WhyteCovey26.3341
28Tommie LoughranTri30.0941
29Michael CusackCovey26.4440
30Ann Marie MeaneyTriMarshal27:54:002535
31Sean Hylandcoveymarshal30
32Ben WalshVitus20.2730
33Siobhan NeeTriMarshalmarshal1030
34Paraic FurlongCovey28.1229
35Bill CoyneTri27.2829
36Robert CoakleyCovey25:07:002828
37Hillary HughesTri24.0127
38Keith MulroyCovey24.5425
39David CurridCovey24
40Enda LonerganCovey28.4724
41Brian HylandCovey26.1422
42Ethan DohertyCovey31.0720
43nuala curridcoveymarshal20
44Noreen O’TooleTriMarshal20
45Tony FitzgeraldTriMarshal20
46Leesa MurrayCovey30.2610
47Sean O’GradyCovey30.2810
48Mary WalshTriMarshal10
49John MoranCoveyMarshal10
50Ray StauntonCovey31.0910
51Elaine HalpinTrimarshal10



One round remains in the Westport TT League, Mary Daly leads the way from Aidan Gill. How will it pan out…


TT takes place on the usual route 16km on the Leenane road, turning at the 8km mark to return to the start finish/line. Don’t forget to bring the cake and sandwiches for after…




Westport TT League Standings 2018
1Mary DalyCovey26.1526.068129
2Aidan GillCovey23.4325.24117
3Declan GallagherCovey23.5124.32114
4Colm StauntonCovey24.3525.01114
5Brain GlaveyCovey24.09104
6Cormac ConnaghanCovey26.1590
7Keith O’ConnellTri25.1484
8Mick HoganCovey29.1128.361083
9Walter LyonsCovey25.2476
10Richard MeaneyCovey22.3776
11Tommie GillCovey27.5728.1175
12Theo InghamCovey28.5230.5868
13Freda KayCovey34.4834.25965
14Deirdre ClarkeCovey31.3932.264
15Aaron DohertyCovey21.1762
16Joe MoranCovey23.2662
17Stephan BrehenyCovey30.2559
18Kieran MulchroneTri25.3651
19David RodgersCovey26.2347
20Francis McGrealCovey25.4547
21Charlie KellyCovey29.5646
22Noel KellyCovey28.0146
23Eoghan CarrCovey26.4645
24Mark GannonCovey26.2143
25Ollie WhyteCovey26.3341
26Tommie LoughranTri30.0941
27Michael CusackCovey26.4440
28sean hylandcoveymarshal30
29Ben WalshVitris20.2730
30James McGreevyCovey22.0229
31Paraic FurlongCovey28.1229
32Bill CoyneTri27.2829
33Hillary HughesTri24.0127
34Keith MulroyCovey24.5425
35David CurridCovey29.0524
36Enda LonerganCovey28.4724
37Brian HylandCovey26.1422
38Ethan DohertyCovey31.0720
39nuala curridcoveymarshal20
40Noreen O’TooleTriMarshal20
41Yvonne RoganTri31.4320
42Tony FitzgeraldTriMarshal20
43Leesa MurrayCovey30.2610
44Sean O’GradyCovey30.2810
45Ann Marie MeaneyTriMarshal10
46Siobhan NeeTriMarshal10
47Mary WalshTriMarshal10
48John MoranCoveyMarshal10
49Ray StauntonCovey31.0910
50siobhan o malleyCoveymarshal10
51Elaine HalpinTrimarshal10

Covey/Tri Club TT League 2018
Ran in conjunction with Westport Triathlon Club this league gives members not into racing a chance to test their fitness and see real progress over the course of a season.

Thurs Apr 12th        16k Time Trial

Thurs Apr 26th        16k Time Trial

Thurs May 24th        16k Time Trial

Thurs June 21st        16k Time Trial

Thurs Aug 2nd        16k Time Trial

Thurs Aug 30th        16k Time Trial

Entry Cost:    €20 – payable on first evening (or €5 per round)

Open to:    All Covey Wheelers & Westport Tri Club members

Sign-on:    6-6:30pm Skate Park


The purpose of this club sponsored training league is to improve your time trailing (learning to manage your effort). The route will stay the same so you can gauge your improvement.

Refreshments will be provided after each round of this league