2018 Covey/Western Lakes League

Bryan Hyland has taken the win in the third and final round of the Covey Western Lakes League 2018, and with it the overall title. A strong support cast ensured Bryan had all the help he needed to get the job done in style. Srah was the venue yet again as the route using Maire Lukes climb was unavailable. Westport filled 8 of the top 10 on the night and 6 in the overall top 10 so well done to all that took part.


Top 10 round 3


1stBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC
2ndEamon DalyCovey Wheelers CC
3rdKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC
4thJoe MoranCovey Wheelers CC
5thRichard MeaneyCovey Wheelers CC
6thColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC
7thWalter LyonsCovey Wheelers CC
8thRobert CoakleyCovey Wheelers CC
9thPat FlanneryWestern Lakes CC
10thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC


Top 10 Overall 2018 League Final Standings


1stBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC60
2ndColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC54
3rdKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC52
4thPaul FeeneyWestern Lakes CC51
5thRichard MeaneyCovey Wheelers CC50
6thJoe MoranCovey Wheelers CC46
7thWalter LyonsCovey Wheelers CC45
8thPat FlanneryWestern Lakes CC44
9thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC40
10thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC34


Top 10 from round 2 of a poorly attended Covey\Western Lakes race in Srah. Despite working hard for the duration 9 minutes font to back was too much of a gap for the scratch group to close. Groups 1 and 2 came together on the last lap with Bryan Hyland taking the win from Michael Flynn. All change at the top of the table too with the top 3 from the previous round not in attendance. Western Lakes Paul Feeney takes over at the top and is the man to beat next Wednesday for the final round which takes in Maura Lukes Climb. And offers up 20 minute handicaps to give the scratch group no chance again.


1stBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC
2ndMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC
3rdColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC
4thPaul FeeneyWestern Lakes CC
5thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC
6thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC
7thPat FlanneryWestern Lakes CC
8thWalter LyonsCovey Wheelers CC
9thJames McGreeyCovey Wheelers CC
10thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC

League Table after round 2

1stPaul FeeneyWestern Lakes CC41
2ndColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC35
3rdBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC30
4thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC30
5thRichard MeaneyCovey Wheelers CC30
6thPat FlanneryWestern Lakes CC28
7thMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC27
8thWalter LyonsCovey Wheelers CC27
9thKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC27
10thJoe MoranCovey Wheelers CC25
11thAinars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC21
12thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC19
13thOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC19
14thMary DalyCovey Wheelers CC18
15thNoel GibbonsWestern Lakes CC17
16thJames McGreeyCovey Wheelers CC16
17thAidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC16
18thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC15
19thFintan FordeWestern Lakes CC15
20thFrancis McGrealCovey Wheelers CC10
21stMichael BradyCovey Wheelers CC10
22ndMartin McDonnellWestern Lakes CC10
23rdNoel StaggWestern Lakes CC10
24thParaic FurlongCovey Wheelers CC10
25thRobert CoakleyCovey Wheelers CC10
26thTommie GillCovey Wheelers CC10
27thNoel JenningsWestern Lakes CC10
28thTheo InghamCovey Wheelers CC10
29thEoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC10
30thMartin KinneaveyWestern Lakes CC10
31stSean O MalleyWestern Lakes CC10

Round 2 of this League has been postponed due to a bereavement. Details on reorganised date to follow…


Top 10 from this evenings Covey/Western Lakes League Rd 1

The Coveys dominated the podium in round one taking all 3 spots, with Richard Meaney taking the win. Western Lakes filled out the rest of the top ten, with the exception of the ever strong Mary Daly in 7th.

1 Richard Meaney
2 Keith Mulroy
3 Joe Moran
4 Ainars Maskalans
5 Paul Feeney
6 Ollie Kelly
7 Mary Daly
8 Noel Gibbons
9 Aidan Flynn
10 Fintan Forde (amended from original results)

Well done all that turned out for the race on a lovely Summer evening. Many thanks go to all those that organised the race, and also all that helped out on the night with sign on and marshalling.


Table after round 1 available to download here:

Results RD1_2018 covey western




This league follows a similar format to recent years where we as a club compete over the course of 3 rounds with our neighbouring club Western Lakes. It is usually a very competitive league and although we are rival clubs there is great camaraderie between the two clubs. It is a step up from the Covey League but perhaps a little less daunting than the Mayo League  and so is ideal for those wishing to push themselves on that little bit more this year.

Details of all rounds are as follows. Check in Here for results and standings after each round!

The 1st round takes place Wednesday May 30th.

Sign on for all rounds at Partry Soccer Club from 6.30-7.00pm. Race starts at 7.15pm at the junction for Westport.

Cost is €8 for one round, €15 for two rounds or €20 for all 3 rounds

This league is available to anyone with a limited competition licence or higher

All info is to be found in the links below:


Round 1

Western Covey League RD1 2018

Round 2

Western Covey League RD2_2018

Round 3

Western Covey League RD3_2018


Please come out and support this great local event whether by taking part of helping out.