Covey League 2018


Report Round 6 (final round)

The wet conditions and slippery surface were the main headlines before the final race of the season kicked off. The Aughagower laps circuit was the route for the final round, which been a quite technical course posed problems for the riders considering the conditions. Luckily enough there was a great showing of marshals on hand to insure everyone got through the course and home safely.

The race started off with a group of 4 leading the way out the Leenaune road before the heavyweights in the following two groups were released. Following a brave effort from the front group, the stratch group caught up on the final lap and showed their power to push on towards the finish.

The winner was never in doubt when Ben Walsh crossed the finish line with Richard Meaney and Joe Moran rounding out the top 3. Joe took the 2018 title after a great season’s racing, hard work paying off throughout the year.

Massive thanks to all of our marshals and drivers. It wasn’t the best evening to be out and your presence was greatly appreciated.
Overall Top 3
1) Joe Moran
2)Richard Meaney
3) Declan Gallagher
Top Category
1st Club: Padraic Furlong
1st A4: Tommie Gill
1st A3: Michael Flynn
Top Underage rider: Keith Mulroy
PossitionNameCatPoints after R5Race 6Total
1Joe MoranA39021111
2Richard MeaneyA18023103
3Dec GallagherA3861096
4Tommie GillA4811495
5Padraic FurlongLC781088
6Noel KellyLC721082
7Eoghain CarrA4621880
8James McGreeveyA2541771
9Walter LyonsA466066
10Robert CoakleyA4471764
11Aaron DohertyA264064
12Keith MulroyA3422163
13Michael FlynnA3441963
14Freda KayM501060
15Colm StauntonA357057
16Aidan GillA4441054
17Shane GillLC401050
18Sean HylandM401050
19Nuala CurridM401050
20Mick HoganLC401050
21Mary DalyLC48048
22Ben WalshA1212546
23Francis McGrealA445045
24Noel McGourtyLC42042
25Bryan HylandA4311041
26Martin WamsleyLC39039
27Theo InghamLC37037
28Cormac ConeghanA437037
29Dave RodgersA435035
30Joe O TooleA435035
31Liam O SuilleabhainA435035
32Brian GlaveyA430030
33Enda LoraghanLC30030
34Ray StauntonLC30030
35Deirdre ClarkeLC201030
36Stephen BrehnyM201030
37Michael BradyA327027
38Michael CusackLC26026
39Ann Marie MeaneyLC20020
40Sean O GradyLC20020
41Jon MoranM20020
42Seamus CommonsM101020
43David CurridLC20020
44Mary WalshLC20020
45Keith O ConnellA31616
46Keith HopkinsLC1616
47Andrew McCabeA401616
48Ollie WhiteA31616
49Bill CoyneLC1212
50Colin BrowneLC1010
51Lesley EmersonLC1010
52Loraine MulchroneA41010
53Noel BradyA41010
54Noreen O TooleLC1010
55Padraic ConwayA31010
56Siobhan NeeLC1010
57Tony FitzgeraldLC1010
58Pat Joe O ConnellA31010
59Noel MarleyM10010
60Pauline MoranM1010
61Brian ClarkeM1010
62Boyd GayleM1010
63Noel MulroyM101010



The next round of the Covey League takes place on Wednesday next, 15th August. Sign on at the skate park from 18:00-18:40. First group off at 18:45, please arrive on time.

The route starts on the Leenane road, turns right at Ashleigh Falls, turns right again in Doolough to finish on the Sheaffrey climb. Route map is attached below (approx. 45km).

There are plenty of people still in contention to win this league, so lots still left to race for. We have had a load of racers promoted since the previous round so the groups could be in for a shake up too!


Sheaffrey Route



League Table after round 4

Declan Gallagher and Joe Moran take joint leadership of the Covey league after round 4. Winner in the previous round Padraic Furlong remains in the hunt in third place,  one point behind the leaders. All still to play for with one round left.


PossitionNameRace 4Total
1Dec Gallagher1569
2Joe Moran2169
3Padraic Furlong1068
4Tommie Gill1065
5Aaron Doherty2564
6Noel Kelly1462
7Colm Staunton2257
8Richard Meaney2355
9Eoghain Carr1049
10Mary Daly1048
11Walter Lyons1046
12Aidan Gill044
13Michael Flynn2044
14Mick Hogan1040
15Freda Kay1040
16Martin Wamsley1839
17Theo Ingham1037
18Cormac Connaghan1037
19Dave Rodgers035
20Joe O Toole035
21Keith Mulroy032
22Bryan Hyland031
23James McGreevy1031
24Shane Gill1030
25Sean Hyland1030
26Brian Glavey030
27Noel McGourty1030
28Enda Lonergan030
29Ray Staunton1030
30Francis McGreal027
31Michael Brady1727
32Michael Cusack1326
33Robert Coakley1626
34Ben Walsh021
35Deirdre Clarke020
36Ann Marie Meaney1020
37Sean O Grady020
38Jon Moran020
39Nuala Currid1020
40Stephen Brehny1020
41Keith O Connell016
42Keith Hopkins1616
43Ollie White016
44Bill Coyne012
45Colin Browne010
46Lesley Emerson010
47Liam O Suilleabhain010
48Loraine Mulchrone010
49Noel Brady010
50Mary Walsh010
51David Currid010
52Dave Currid010
53Noreen O Toole010
54Padraic Conway010
55Siobhan Nee010
56Tony Fitzgerald010
57Pat Joe O Connell1010
58Noel Marley1010
59Pauline Moran1010
60Seamus Commons1010
61Brian Clarke1010
62Boyd Gayle1010


Results 20th June

  1. Aaron Doherty
  2. Richard Meaney
  3. Joe Moran
  4. Colm Staunton
  5. Michael Flynn
  6. Declan Gallagher
  7. Michael Brady
  8. Martin Walmsley
  9. Keith Hopkins
  10. Robert Coakley
  11. Michael Cusack
  12. Tommie Gill
  13. Noel McGourty
  14. Noel Kelly
  15. Cormac Connaughan
  16. PatJoe O Connell
  17. Mary Daly
  18. Walter Lyons
  19. Padraig Furlong
  20. Theo Ingham
  21. Mick Hogan

Updated table to follow

Wednesday 20th of June sees the next round of the Covey League take place. Sign on is from 18.00-18.30 at the train station with 1st group off at 18:45. Any late arrivals can slot into the scratch group.

The race is similar to last time out in that it starts at the train station and takes in a loop of the Srah course, before turning left at Ayle towards Aughagower and finishing on top of Coilleach. This race is sure to shake up the GC in the league even more than previous rounds with the later groups expected to challenge for the win for the 1st time.

Also remember, as this is a race, outside assistance whether from a vehicle or non racing cyclist is not permitted and will lead to penalties if it occurs and is reported in this race.

If you are not racing and can help out please contact us at

Route : Approx 42 km with a little sting in the tail.





After Round 3 of the 2018 Covey League Padraic Furlong leads the way. Starting in the first group on the road he kept enough strength in the legs to power home for a strong finish. Aaron Doherty drops to 7th after missing out this week, showing just how things can change in only one round.

PossitionNameCatPonits after R2Race 3Total
1Padraic FurlongLC332558
2Tommie GillA4322355
3Dec GallagherA3381654
4Joe MoranA3351348
5Noel KellyLC351348
6Aidan GillA4341044
7Aaron DohertyA239039
8Eoghain CarrA4201939
9Mary DalyLC271138
10Walter LyonsA4261036
11Colm StauntonA335035
12Dave RodgersA4251035
13Joe O TooleA4142135
14Richard MeaneyA1102232
15Keith MulroyA3171532
16Bryan HylandA4181331
17Brian GlaveyA430030
18Enda LoraghanLC201030
19Mick HoganLC201030
20Freda KayM201030
21Francis McGrealA4101727
22Theo InghamLC171027
23Cormac ConeghanA427027
24Michael FlynnA3101424
25Martin WamsleyLC02121
25Ben WalshA121021
26James McGreeveyA2111021
27Noel McGourtyLC101020
28Shane GillLC101020
29Deirdre ClarkeLC101020
30Ray StauntonLC101020
31Sean O GradyLC101020
32Jon MoranM20020
33Keith O ConnellA316016
34Ollie WhiteA316016
35Michael CusackLC13013
36Michael BradyA313013
37Bill CoyneLC12012
38Ann Marie MeaneyLC10010
39Colin BrowneLC10010
40Lesley EmersonLC10010
41Liam O SuilleabhainA410010
42Loraine MulchroneA410010
43Noel BradyA410010
44Mary WalshLC10010
45David CurridLC10010
45Chloe McNallyM01010
46Nuala CurridM01010
47Dave CurridM01010
48Stephen BrehnyM01010
49Noreen O TooleLC10010
50Padraic ConwayA310010
51Robert CoakleyA410010
52Siobhan NeeLC10010
53Tony FitzgeraldLC10010

The next race in the Covey League takes place this coming Thursday 17th May.

The route is Srah Loop, starting from the train station. Sign on at the train station from 18:00-18:30, 1st group off at 18:45.

If you are available to marshal or can provide one please do so.

Map of the route below



The Covey League is well underway now with two rounds under our belts, Aaron Doherty showing his class leading the way with the pack nice and close behind.

Noel Kelly took the chequered flag in round 2 with a great hill sprint to take the win after working hard within the first group off to keep the chasing packs at a distance.



1st – 10 pts

2nd – 9 pts

3rd – 8 pts

4th – 7 pts

5th – 6 pts

6th – 5 pts

7th – 4 pts

8th – 3 pts

Top 3 in each group:

1st – 5 pts

2nd – 4 pts

3rd – 3 pts

*** 10 points for all racers.

*** 10 points for all volunteers.

Groups will be kept small to encourage cooperation among the riders. 

For the 2018 league 5 rounds will be counted towards your total score including the TT, so 4 road races will be counted. If you marshal the 5th road race you will get 10 points added to your score.

Details of other races will follow.

The Winner of each group gets promoted to group above for next race. 

Two 2nd place finishes in your group gets you promoted for next race.

(This should be seen as a positive thing as it means your racing is progressing)


Wear race number on back of jersey which must be visible. If you have a frame number please attach it to your seatpost.

Licence must be presented at sign on for your 1st race.

Sign on fee of €5 for one race or €20 for the whole league, (€10 for youth/Juniors). (If you sign up for the TT league too the cost is €30)


We are looking for volunteers for all rounds so if you are available.

Please remember we have asked that people who take part in these events will give volunteer time. So please email us with details of what events you can help with. Please contact


  • Wear race number on back of jersey/seatpost which must be visible.
  • License must be presented at sign on for your 1st race.
  • Helmets are compulsory.
  • Failure to obey the rules of the road will result in elimination.
  • Marshals instructions must be obeyed.
  • Bikes must be in good working order.
  • No TT bars or TimeTrial bikes (apart from round 1).


Winner to submit race report to club e mail.

If you can bring along a marshal or helper please do