Sports Nutrition Workshop

Westport Triathlon Club is hosting a workshop on sport nutrition for training and racing on Friday the 13th of May between 7-9 pm. The venue location will be in Westport Town somewhere.

The closing date for sign up is this Friday at 6pm!

Do you want to know more about:

  • Full dietary and body composition analysis with on going monitoring of changes in body composition and dietary intake supported by individualised diet programme to help you meet your goals.
  • Increased strength, power, endurance and speed.
  • Improved recovery and reduction in injury and illness.
  • Improved recovery from injury and overtraining syndrome.
  • Increased motivation and confidence to change

The 2 hour hands-on workshop will focus on nutritional plans for long distance training and racing and also cover:

  • Energy systems and what/when we are using.
  • Practical Protein calculation, Carbohydrate and hydration targets and adapting these to individual training days.
  • Nutrition for recovery
  • Timing, train low compete high, alternative fuels for endurance athletes.
  • Supplements- drinks and snacks, what to use when, with a focus on food first.
  • Recovering from injury/taking care of immunity/signs of over training.
  • A little bit on periodisation for nutrition.

The workshop is ran by Aisling Snedker RD (

The cost of the 2 hr workshop is €50 and must be paid in advance using the online form below.

There are 3 places left in the first workshop so the first three people to pay will get a seat. We will organise a second workshop if there is demand.

You must pay online using a credit/debit card or you can pay with a PayPal account (Having a PayPal account is handy to speed up the process, but it is not necessary!).

If you would like to attend please enter your details into the form below and click the button to pay online.

This is a non-profit event organised by Westport Triathlon Club.
Click here to sign up:

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