Keith Hastings is the Covey / Western League Champion 2015



Aidan taking the win with Keith Hastings in 2nd

The final round of the league was held on Wednesday 2 September. This last round was inevitably going to be battle between Brendan Butler, Aidan Gill and Keith Hastings who

were all in the running for the overall league top spot.

The race was held in Westport and the Coveys had the numerical and local advantage making for a difficult night of racing for Brendan Butler. The Coveys made it very hard for

the Western Lakes lads but to Brendan Butlers and John Conroy’s credit they both defended all of the attacks and closed down the breaks that were been fired at them all


However their repeated efforts took their toll on the lads and when it came to the uphill sprint finish and Aidan Gill and Keith Hastings turned on the power when required with

Aidan taking the win, Keith 2nd and Pat Joe 3rd.

The high placing for Keith Hastings gave him the overall and well deserved league win with Aidan Gill and Brendan Butler taking 2nd and 3rd in the league.

Patricia Harte of Western Lakes took the ladies league overall win following her fine performances in the earlier rounds of the league so well done to Patricia on her first try and

league racing.

The team prize went to Western Lakes and Brendan Butler took the most aggressive rider prize. Well done to all who participated and a big thank you to all of the marshals and


Top 5
Keith Hastings
Aidan Gill
Brendan  Butler
Patricia Harte
Cahill Usher
Overall Winner
Keith Hastings
1st Lady
Patricia Harte
Team Prize
Western  Lakes
Most Aggressive rider
Brendan  Butler
Club Overall table  Points
CoveyKeith Hastings225
CoveyAidan Gill180
West LBrendan  Butler150
West LPatricia Harte140
West LCahill Usher100
West LJohn Stagg100
West LShane Gilligan95
West LJohn Walsh95
CoveyPat Joe O Connell90
CoveyJoe O Toole80
West LKathleen Barry80
West LJohn Conroy70
West LMartin Jennings70
West LMonica Nee60
CoveyBryan Hyland50
West LMartin Joyce50
CoveyColm Staunton40
CoveyOrla Harrison40
West LGerry Sheridan40
CoveyOsin Gannon30
West LNoel Jennings30
CoveyNoel Kelly20
West LOllie Kelly20
CoveyNoel Mc Gourty10
CoveyShane Royal10
CoveyMartin Wamsley10
CoveyKeith O Connell10
CoveyNoel Mulroy10
West LMike Kelly10
CoveyMicheal Needhan10
CoveyTom Burke10
West LShane Holleran10
West LJohn J Flaherty10
West LEamon Staunton10
West LYanis Blinovs10
West LSean O  Malley10


Rider Ballinrobe Srah TTWestport Pts
Aidan Gill80100180
Keith Hastings607095225
Pat Joe O Connell9090
Joe O Toole8080
John Conroy7070
Brendan  Butler9060150
Bryan Hyland5050
Colm Staunton4040
Osin Gannon3030
Noel Kelly2020
Noel Mc Gourty1010
Shane Royal1010
Martin Wamsley1010
Keith O Connell1010
Cahill Usher100100
Shane Gilligan9595
Monica Nee6060
Patricia Harte9050140
Orla Harrison4040
John Stagg100100
John Walsh9595
Kathleen Barry8080
Martin Jennings7070
Martin Joyce5050
Gerry Sheridan4040
Noel Jennings3030
Ollie Kelly2020
Noel Mulroy1010
Mike Kelly1010
Micheal Needhan1010
Tom Burke1010
Shane Holleran1010
John J Flaherty1010
Eamon Staunton1010
Yanis Blinovs1010
Sean O  Malley1010
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