Covey League Round 6 Reports

Well done to all participants in the latest round of the Westport Covey League. Two races were held on Wednesday July 16th with the hill finish to the top of Coilleach probably the toughest test to date in the league. Well done to all group winners, some of whom sent in reports. Thanks to all the marshals and organisers as always, your help is greatly appreciated.
The next round of the league takes place on Wednesday August 13th
Sign on is from 6.30 – 7.00 at the square in Louisburgh, first group off at 7.
The route is Louisburgh – Ashleigh Falls – finish at Farnaught.
Groups will follow in an e mail shortly and are attached below.
Below are tables for both senior and youth league as they stand, the two Keiths still lead the way in both.
Race Report Group 3: Race 2 Joe O Toole
Motivation and enthusiasm was somewhat reduced for the start of the 2nd race compared to that for the 1st. Just as we were getting ready for the off I noticed I had a puncture on my back wheel. I was contemplating just bailing out and getting a lift back. I had no pump with me nor had many of the folks round me. Noreen kindly offered me her back wheel which I willingly accepted. I frantically tried to change the wheel with what felt like 100 pairs of eyes watching my every move as I made hard work of the wheel change. Finally, we got away with little to report until we joined the Westport road. From here there were a few small attacks. Most of the riders were involved in 1 or 2 minor bursts apart from Siobhan who was involved in about 10! As we approached Digger Jays I heard a loud bang. I could see everyone round me was frantically looking down at their tyres to see if it was them that had picked up a puncture. Thankfully for me, I was not the victim. Siobhan who was the victim managed to get fixed up again and complete the race.
The hill leading in to Aughagower allowed 5 of us(Simon, Oisin, Padraig, Martin, Joe) to get away from the rest of the group. As we made the turn up past the church for the hill I heard somebody shout “welcome to hell” which I thought was quite apt. A couple of 100 meters in to the climb myself and Oisin managed to make a couple of meters on the 3 other riders. We worked well together until Oisin had some mechanical issues. Hence, for the last couple of hundred meters of the climb I knew it was mine to loose. I was not quite sure what distance I had on the rest of the riders so I just dug as deep as I could to hold the position. To say I was glad to see the finish line was an understatement as I was shattered. I went through my usual ritual after the race were I promised myself I would never inflict pain like that again on myself. However, as we left the top of Coilleach I found myself looking forward to our next outing.. Thanks to the marshal’s and all that helped organize the race.
Group 2 Race 2: Ben Walsh
Group 2 started off at a reasonable pace in the second race as some riders would have been tired. There was no attacks until Tom McGreal made an attack just before Digger Jays as I was close to the back saving my legs I had not noticed until he had a healthy margin, I attacked and I bridged the gap and Tom and I worked together until a bit past the left turn into Aughagower when Tom realised he had enough as the group were following closely behind. I continued on and shortly after Eoghan Carr came up the road and joined me, we worked together until Aughagower Village where we were caught. Just at the foot of Coilleach Dave Hanahoe made an attack with Tom McGreal, I hopped
on their wheel and made another attack around half way up and shortly after I looked back and that’s when I knew I had it. Thanks to all involved in running the Covey League.
Group 1 Race 1: Colm Staunton
The double stage race was held on a perfect evening for racing and started with the league leader Keith launching one of his trademark early attacks. The gap was quickly closed and a there was a number of counter attacks by almost every rider in the group which came to nothing, as they were pulled back each time.
James tried again on the Srah loop but Aichlinn pulled it back together. On the last pull before the finish Aichlinn lined it out and gaps appeared splintering the group down to 6. It was clear at that stage that it was going to be a sprint and with 6 riders and it was all to play for. The finish was fast and frantic and I managed to take the sprint from Keith in second and PatJoe in third.
As always big thanks to the marshals and all involved in organising the league.
Group 1 Race 2: Aichlinn O Reilly
After a tough first stage the pace started off at a more sedate pace. However Michael Flynn was determined the pace would be fast and attempted a beak away just coming out of Srah. He was left out front to work hard for a few kilometers. We worked together to bring him back but as soon as he was caught he attacked again. This prompted more attacks and counter attacks and this continued until the turn off for Aughagower with everyone still in the pack. The pace eased after turning off as everyone prepared for climbing. On the drag before the village I made a small dig to test my legs. I felt good and continued to lead through the village. As we reached the bottom of the climb I was still at the front and wondering if anyone would come past. I looked back and nobody came forwards so I put my head down and rode hard. I rode hard but at my own pace all the way up and kept on glancing to see what impact I was having on the field. As we reached the steepest part only Richie and James were with me. I gave an extra bit of effort and managed to drop them to cross the line just ahead of the others.
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