Needham takes 1st

Great results for the Westport Coveys in the last round of the Western Covey League.
The front groups worked well together with Simon Moran and Michael Needham doing big pulls to keep the scratch group from closing them down. In the end Michael Needham won the sprint with ease and Simon got piped for 2nd by Western Laker John Gill. Joe O Toole finished 5th and Theo took 6th.
Well done Michael Needham on taking his first win.
League table to follow shortly….
1st Michael Needham CW
2nd John Gill WLCC
3rd Simon Moran CW
4th John Jennings WLCC
5th Joe O Toole CW
6th Theo Ingham CW
7th Sean O Malley WLCC
8th Padraig Marrey WLCC
9th Richard Meaney CW
10th James Mc Greevy CW

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