Westport Covey Club League 2014 – Sign up online

Event Dates:

Sunday 23rd March Time Trial no 1: 17km on the Murrisk route
Wednesday April 9th Road Race: 40km Westport-Louisburgh-Westport
Wednesday May 14th Road Race: 45km Westport-Srah-Westport Train Station
Wednesday June 25th Road Race: 65km Westport-Newport-Left turn for Glenisland-Left turn in Glenhest for Newport and finish at Kings Hill Westport
Sunday June 29th Time Trial no 2: same route as TT no 1.
Wednesday July 9th 2 stage Road Race: 1) 30km Westport-Loop of Srah-Finish in Srah; 2) 13km Srah-Finish at top of Coilleach
Wednesday August 6th Road Race: 40km Westport-Cushlough-Quarry Road-Bohaun-Finish top of Coilleach
Wednesday August 20th Hill Climb: Location to be confirmed, prepare to suffer!!
(Distances are all approximate)

Scoring system for 2014 League:
TT no 1 and Hill Climb scoring will be based on the time of the participant. The quicker you go the better you score.
Time Trial Under Points
25 minutes 10
26 minutes 9
27 minutes 8
28 minutes 7
29 minutes 6
All other times 5
Hill Climb Under Points
Times required for Hill climb points to be decided at a later date.
Points for the Road Races and TT no 2 based on position in group
Position Points
1st 10
2nd 8
3rd 6
4th 4
5th 2
All others 1
Race on June 25th will see groups let off at 1 minute intervals. This is as close as we will get to a mass start race. Points on the night will be awarded based on the groups so although riders in the earlier groups may not stay with the scratch group until the finish they could easily get brought up the road far enough to take the points in their own group. This might be a good night to practice your race tactics.
General Info

Groups will be based on TT time from the first TT, if you want to go in a faster group we will try accommodate you!!
Winning a race is automatic promotion. Two top three finishes also leads to promotion as does four top five finishes.
The Groups will be reshuffled after TT 2 in order to stop group 1 getting too big and other groups getting too small.
Groups will hopefully be posted in advance of races so there will be no changes on the line.
The rules of the road apply at all times and anyone found to be breaking them will be disqualified with immediate effect.
Numbers must be worn in all races.
Winners of road races must submit a race report to coveyclubleague@gmail.com before results will be posted.
All correspondence regarding the league can be directed to the above address also.
Pre register online – €21 (Online registration will be open shortly)
Register on the day – €25 for entire league or €5 per night.
Please use the online registration as it makes the event run smoother and easier on organisers, thank you!

Youth riders MUST use restricted gears in all events
You must hold a Limited Competition license or Open race licence to take part in this league. You can upgrade your license on Cycling Ireland if needed.
Also you MUST have your license with you for the first TT, NO license NO race

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