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Results of final RD4 Connacht Cycling Winter League @ Moore Hall 8/12/13

The Covey Wheelers Mountain Bikers showed they are on top of their game and up there with the best in the Provence after taking a haul of medals in both the Connacht Champs and the Connacht Cycling MTB Winter League.

Covey Wheelers medal winners in their respective categories are as follows:

  • Tom Moran
  • Reg Cowie
  • Padraic Furlong
  • Sean Flynn
  • Declan Mahoney
  • Ben Walsh
  • Oscar Cowie
  • Aaron Doherty
  • Colm Staunton


Results of final RD4 Connacht Cycling Winter League @ Moore Hall 8/12/13.


Elite: 5 Laps
1st: Padraic Marrey – Western Lakes
2nd: Gary Collins – Cunga
3rd: Colm Staunton – Covey Wheelers
4th: Padraic Conway – Covey Wheelers


Expert: 4 laps
1st: Oisin Money – Eire Óg –
2nd: Damien Sikora – Connemara MTB
3rd: Neil Martin – Connemara MTB
5th: Tom Moran – Covey Wheelers
6th: Reg Cowie – Covey Wheelers
8th: Dave Hanahoe – Covey Wheelers


Sports: 3 laps
1st: Alan Conroy – U/A
2nd: Peter Gillepsie – Ballina
3rd: Tommy Morrissy – Seven Springs
4th: Padraic Furlong – Covey Wheelers


Novice Men: 2 laps
1st: Ross Dogan – Eire Óg
2nd: Pat Reilly – U/A
3rd: Noel Kelly – Covey Wheelers


U-16 Boys: 3 laps
1st: Joesph Clancy – Connemara MTB
2nd: Sean Flynn – Covey Wheelers
3rd: Matthew Waters – U/A


U-14 Boys: 2 laps
1st: Declan Mahoney – Covey Wheelers
2nd: Ben Walsh – Covey Wheelers
3rd: Eoghan McLaughlin – Covey Wheelers


U-10 Boys: 2 short laps
1st: Ruari Collins – Cunga
2nd: Neachtan Walsh – U/A
3rd: Oscar Cowie – Covey Wheelers
4th: Evin Furlong – U/A Westport
7th: Charlie Kelly – Covey Wheelers


U-10 Girls: 2 short laps
1st: Aoife Dirrane – West Coast Wheelers
2nd: Emily Kelly – Covey Wheelers



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