Club League 2011

The details

Starting on the 30th of March the Westport Covey Wheelers Club League will start with a 16K time trial. The trial will be followed by a 40k race every 4 weeks or so and will end on the 28th of September with a final 16 k time trial.

There will be 6 race in total and 2 time trials. The first time trial will let us know what level of fitness you have and will allow for each race to be handicapped. This will give everyone a fair chnace of getting some points! So don’t feel this is only for the pro’s!

The league is only opened to current members of the Westport Covey Wheelers Club.

Rules of the Competition
1    Helmets are compulsory
2    Rules of the road apply
3    Current Westport Covey Wheelers Club members can only participate
4    No tri bars allowed in the Road Races
5    No drafting in the Time Trials
6    Handicap committee decision is final, no debating on the start line
7    Obey the Marshalls
8    €20 Entry fee for the 8 races paid before competition starts
9    Or €5 Entry fee per race
10    All monies go towards Prize Fund

Scoring System
05 pts      To everyone who participates in each individual Road Race

20 pts    1st
18 pts    2nd
16 pts    3rd
14 pts    4th
12 pts    5th
10 pts    6th
08 pts    7th
06 pts    8th
04 pts    9th
02 pts    10th

To register for the Competition / Time Trial please contact Robert Conway.
Time slots for TT are being allocated in 1minute intervals from 6.01pm on 30th March.

**    Sign on 15 minutes before allocated time slot

Download a spreadsheet of the details [Download not found].

Results & Photo’s here