Rollout Procedure

Parents, coaches and mentors over youth cyclists need to know this information especially those riding Ras Maigheo youths 2 day at the weekend.
Bikes must be set up with the correct gearing before the event. This is the responsibility of parents/guardians and preferably should be done before you travel to the race. Race officials will not be in a position to alter gears on any bike on the day of the race and will not be responsible if riders miss their start time due to incorrect gearing. (To avoid disappointment of missing race starts and TT start slots prepare bikes before you travel)
The roll out for each age group is as follows:
U8/10 roll out of 6.14m
U12 roll out of 6.14m
U14 roll out of 6.54m
U16 roll out of 6.94m
This video explains how to measure the gear rollout..if you have problems please call to your local bike shop or ask an experienced bike mechanic..
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