2019 Covey/Western Lakes Final Results

Results for round 3 and final Standings after 3 rounds:

Keith Mulroy takes the League Title for  a 2nd time. He come back from injury to rack up enough points in round 3 to win the League from the experienced Padraig Marrey and Covey teammate Bryan Hyland.

Thanks to all those involved in organising the League, especially Ballinrobe Race Course for allowing the use of their facilities. Thanks to Padraig for organising the events each night also and Bryan Glavey for working behind the scenes on behalf of our club to ensure the events ran without problem.

TT Times:

Janis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC00:01:16
Ainars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC00:01:17
Bryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC00:01:18
Keith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:20
James McGreeyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:20
Barry HolianWestern Lakes CC00:01:21
Pagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC00:01:22
Michael KellyWestern Lakes CC00:01:22
Michael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC00:01:23
Earnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC00:01:24
Daniel KingWestern Lakes CC00:01:27
Noel KellyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:27
Ciaran HickeyWestern Lakes CC00:01:28
Noel JenningsWestern Lakes CC00:01:29
Ollie KellyWestern Lakes CC00:01:29
Aidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC00:01:32
Eamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC00:01:34
Theo InghamCovey Wheelers CC00:01:35
Charlie KellyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:37

TT Points per Category:

Ainars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC25
Janis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC25
Michael KellyWestern Lakes CC25
Barry HolianWestern Lakes CC25
Charlie KellyCovey Wheelers CC25
James McGreeyCovey Wheelers CC25
Keith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC22
Bryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC22
Noel KellyCovey Wheelers CC22
Earnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC22
Pagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC19
Ollie KellyWestern Lakes CC19
Noel JenningsWestern Lakes CC19
Daniel KingWestern Lakes CC19
Michael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC17
Ciaran HickeyWestern Lakes CC17
Aidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC16
Eamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC15
Theo InghamCovey Wheelers CC14

Top 10 Handicap race:

1stPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC25
2ndAinars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC22
3rdKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC19
4thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC17
5thMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC16
6thEarnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC15
7thOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC14
8thEamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC13
9thNoel JenningsWestern Lakes CC12
10thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC11


Top 15 Elimination race:

1stPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC25
2ndBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC22
3rdOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC19
4thEamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC17
5thCharlie KellyCovey Wheelers CC16
6thKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC15
7thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC15
8thNoel JenningsWestern Lakes CC14
9thMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC14
10thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC13
11thJames McGreevyCovey Wheelers CC12
12thAinars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC11
13thTheo InghamCovey Wheelers CC11
14thEarnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC10
15thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC9

Top 20 Overall:

1stKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC177
2ndPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC173
3rdBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC158
4thAinars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC132
5thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC126
6thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC121
7thOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC116
8thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC115
9thNoel JenningsWestern Lakes CC100
10thBarry HolianWestern Lakes CC95
11thEamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC93
12thEarnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC89
13thColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC89
14thCharlie KellyCovey Wheelers CC83
15thMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC83
16thTheo InghamCovey Wheelers CC71
17thAidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC63
18thEoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC61
19thJames McGreevyCovey Wheelers CC57
20thMary DalyCovey Wheelers CC56



Results for Rounds 1 & 2 with table:

Results for Round 1: (Points for top 10)

1stSean O MalleyWestern Lakes CC
2ndKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC
3rdAinars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC
4thPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC
5thMichael FlynnCovey Wheelers CC
6thBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC
7thColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC
8thOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC
9thEoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC
10thMary DalyCovey Wheelers CC

Results for Round 2:

Event 1: TT (Points per category)

Janis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC00:01:21
Ainars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC00:01:23
Bryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC00:01:24
Joe MoranCovey Wheelers CC00:01:25
Keith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:25
Barry HolianWestern Lakes CC00:01:25
Tom BurkeCovey Wheelers CC00:01:25
Pagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC00:01:28
Earnan NaughanWestern Lakes CC00:01:29
Cormac ConnaghanCovey Wheelers CC00:01:31
Martin WalmleyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:31
Colin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC00:01:31
Michael KellyWestern Lakes CC00:01:32
Mary DalyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:32
Aidan GillCovey Wheelers CC00:01:33
Noel KellyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:34
Ollie KellyWestern Lakes CC00:01:34
Eoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC00:01:36
Eathan DohertyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:36
Noel JenningsWestern Lakes CC00:01:37
Aidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC00:01:41
Eamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC00:01:41
Noel McGourtyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:42
Theo InghamCovey Wheelers CC00:01:43
Charlie KellyCovey Wheelers CC00:01:43


Event 2: Handicap Race (Points for top 10)

1stBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC
2ndKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC
3rdPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC
4thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC
5thColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC
6thBarry HolianWestern Lakes CC
7thJoe MoranCovey Wheelers CC
8thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC
9thTom BurkeCovey Wheelers CC
10thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC


Event 3: Elimination Race (Points for top 20)

1stKeith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC
2ndBryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC
3rdPagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC
4thColin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC
5thJanis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC
6thEoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC
7thCormac ConnaghanCovey Wheelers CC
8thEamon MarreyWestern Lakes CC
9thEathan DohertyCovey Wheelers CC
10thMartin WalmleyCovey Wheelers CC
11thBarry HolianWestern Lakes CC
12thNoel JenningsWestern Lakes CC
13thJoe MoranCovey Wheelers CC
14thNoel KellyCovey Wheelers CC
15thMary DalyCovey Wheelers CC
16thOllie KellyWestern Lakes CC
17thMichael KellyWestern Lakes CC
18thTheo InghamCovey Wheelers CC
19thAidan FlynnWestern Lakes CC
20thTom BurkeCovey Wheelers CC


Overall Standings after 2 Rounds

Keith MulroyCovey Wheelers CC111
Bryan HylandCovey Wheelers CC104
Pagraig MarreyWestern Lakes CC94
Colin LoughneyWestern Lakes CC92
Janis BlinovsWestern Lakes CC78
Ainars MaskalansWestern Lakes CC64
Eoghan CarrCovey Wheelers CC63
Barry HolianWestern Lakes CC60
Mary DalyCovey Wheelers CC59
Noel KellyCovey Wheelers CC57
Michael KellyWestern Lakes CC57


Details for Round 2, 3rd July at Ballinrobe Race Course

The 2nd round of the Western Lakes/Covey League takes place Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at Ballinrobe Race Course. There will be a new format and point’s allocation introduced in this round to level the playing track!!

Youth sign-on 5:45 – 6pm

Youth events from 6pm -7pm (Format agreed on the night.)

Adult sign 5:45 – 7pm (€5/ person)

Adult events start at 7:15

  • Individual TT – points per category. No TT bikes allowed.
  • Short Handicap race – points for top 10
  • Elimination race  / Devil take the hindmost.


  • No warming up on track during youth events
  • No littering
  • All racers must have a valid  Cycling Ireland limited competition Licence or higher.
  • All racers must display race number correctly (see image)

See you all there again for what promises to be another night of great action.


In an effort to change up the local racing scene the organisers behind the Covey/Western League have come up with a new approach for this years league. Each round will take place on the road circling around the racetrack at the Ballinrobe racecourse. With no traffic or junctions to contend with it should be a safe environment for all to dip into racing.

Round 1 this Wednesday evening June 5th. This fantastic venue will host the three rounds where we will battle it out in a handicapped track race.

In an exciting new addition, this year we will have a youth section, with U12, U14 and U16 being catered for. A very safe environment to introduce youths to a bit of friendly racing.

Sign on each night between 6 & 7
Start time youths 6.30
Start time seniors 7.15
Parking along main road only.

Sign on takes place at the racecourse gates.

Limited competition licence or higher must be presented at sign on  in order to take part.

Price is €5 per round.

Please note there are no showers or changing facilities in order to keep entry costs low.

Dates: All at Ballinrobe race course, at the times mentioned above

Wednesday June 5th
Wednesday July 3rd
Wednesday July 17th