Club AGM – Tues 28th – 8pm Mill Times

The club AGM will take place at 8pm on Tuesday, November 28th in the Mill
Times Hotel. All members are welcome. The 2018 committee will be elected at the AGM.

If there are any motions or items for discussion you would like to add to the agenda, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

1. Adoption of standing orders
2. Chairman’s Opening Address
3. Minutes of 2016 AGM and matters arising
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Racing Representative’s Report
6. Leisure Representative’s Report
7. Youth Officer’s Report
8.1 Nominations to 2018 committee, including the following positions:
– Chair

– Vice-Chair

– Treasurer (remaining in place)

– Secretary


– Child Protection Officer

8.2 Nominations to 2018 subcommittees, to include the following:
– Events/Racing subcommittee

– Youth subcommittee

– Grants/Fundraising subcommittee (pending outcome of Motion 9.1)

– Westportif subcommittee (in place)

9. Motions received for discussion as follows:
9.1 The establishment of a subcommittee to oversee all grants and financing for the
club. This subcommittee will co-ordinate with the treasurer.
9.2 An increase of approximately 5% – 7% on the cost of club gear.
10. Determination of 2018 membership fees
11. Close of meeting

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