Davis Cup Race Report – Declan Gallagher

Today’ again started with the unknown.  As I’m still a newbie to this cycling lark, I was looking an wondering at the start.
Who’s gonna go who’s not.
Soon after the start i wasn’t long finding out who was up for it ..Was a few different lads putting pressure on all the way to the bottom of the 1st climb. Then the fun began . Having being guided through it mid week by the knowledgeable PatJoe O Connell I knew where I wanted to be , the front! So attacked as hard as I could an went as well as I could, coming off it in 3rd behind Joe Moran, who had a few encouraging words (they were needed)
It came back together after the decent with a lot of riders still in tact. Pace picked up nicely from there with a few different clubs pushing hard at the front.
With 7k to go over the last of many “little hills” I managed to get a little gap for myself, but the bunch didn’t let me go that easy an was wrapped up with 5k to go.
I managed to somehow recover from my little stint by myself, an looked for a wheel to follow. 1k to go an pace upped big time . Again wise words from Mr O Connell about the finish an where to have a go from.
Found the spot, pushed hard and Mr luck was on my side just taking it at the line.

Have to give a word of thanks to the Covey club , always encouraging and full of super advice. Coach POC as well. He’s not a bad lad .
Super day for racing in a lovely spot. Well done to all at Cunga for a super day.