Race Report Covey League 2015 – Round 4 – Group 3

By Paraic Furlong

The sun was out and everybody was in good form for our double stage race, I think it’s a race night that everyone really enjoys but maybe not the end of stage 2!!

We had a nice group with young and not so young, so needless to say our eyes were on the young as they all seem to be in good form.

As we went out the road Siobhan and myself doing good turns on the front to drive the group, Noel and Martin joining us to keep the speed up, it took a few of the others a while to get into the

swing and it was a bit sluggish at times to keep thing going, so around Killawalla I decided to light thing up a bit and have a go but wasn’t let go too far away and was chased down and caught around the bog.

We were now working ok doing a nice up and over, so with a small drop in speed I said “why not it’s all good” and had a crack again before the turn to the Shra loop, again I was alone but not for long , thanks Noel!!

As we passed the start/finish line I knew the sprint would be hairy as the road was lumpy in spots.We headed towards the turn and 2 of the younger men went to the front and had an injection of

pace but were chased down, I was thinking about going again but, I think I had done enough to warrant sitting in for the last km or two.

With about 3km to go young Keith Mulroy had a go and had a small gap but was closed down then two more of the youngsters went for it in the last km, I closed them down and kept going, at that

point I could see the finish and thought it was mine but I could feel Noel Kelly powering up behind me but luckily for me the line came a little too quick for him and I held noel off by around a bike


Little did I know I was going straight up to Group 2 for Stage 2, that’s a whole other story!


Thanks to all for the help with sign-on and marshalling for both races on the night.


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