Race Report Covey League 2015 – Round 4 – Group 1

By Aaron Doherty

Last Wednesday evening we headed off for the 1st stage of a double header. The sun seemed to bring out all the big guns. As we set out from the train station it wasn’t long until I realised what Anthony’s plan was for the race, as he lent against the wall both feet clipped in and raring to go, I only had one thing in mind, keep on his wheel. This tactic seemed to work fairly well as by the time we arrived on the other side of the bridge we seemed to have a reasonable gap over the chasers but it wasn’t long until we had company in the form of Ger. Only one thing was on our minds from here on in. Get working and try hold off the bunch. We continued doing this until the last km or so when all of a sudden there was a bit of tension in the air. Ger rolled through and led it out. As I was waiting and waiting for a missile to come pass me (Anthony) I decided to go for  it myself. And thankfully took the win.
Thanks to everyone who helped out on the night.

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