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Covey League 2015 – Round 3 Results

Thanks to all who took part and the marshals for all their help.

Please submit a race report if you won your group.

Standings table will be updated today.

Group 1
10pts A. Murray
8pts R. Meaney
6pts PJ O Connell
4pts A. Doherty
2pts K. O Connell
1pts G. Corcoran
1pt E. Mc Loughlin
1pt M. Brady
1pt M. Flynn
1pt B. Walsh
1pt E. Daly
1pt T.Burke
1pt S. Mc Loughlin
1pt E. Staunton

Group 2
10pts O.Gannon
8pts S. Mc Guire
6pts T. Mc Greal
4pts J.O Toole
2pts A. Gill
1pt E.Carr
1pt K. Hastings

Group 3
10pts E. Harrison
8pts R. Conway
6pts N.Kelly
4pts C. Browne
1pt P. Furlong

Group 4
10pts N.Mc Gourty
8pts M. Warmsley
6pts K. Mulroy
4pts T. Gill
2pts R. Staunton
1pt T. Ingham
1pt O. Harrison

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