Connaught Racing – Upcoming Events

Connaught Club Team Time Trial League & Championship
This event is open to racing licence holders,A1,A2,A3 are allowed race together, A4 by themselves, teams of six with at least three to finish, leisure licence holders are allowed to take part in a separate leisure event at the same distance.
Sunday 5/7/15, Swinford at 10.00am
Sunday 12/7/15, Swinford at 10.00am
Sunday 13/9/15, Swinford at 10.00am (this date will double up as a championship event)
Connaught Road Race Championships (Ladies,Junior,Vets,A1,A2,A3,A4,)
Saturday 20/6/15 as of today no club offered to run this event. Please email me back if your club which to run this event.
Connaught Time Trial  Championship Sunday 23/8/15, Swinford have offered to run this event.
(this date has been changed from 19/7/15 due to the Galway race on same date)
Connaught Hill Climb Championship Saturday 12/9/15, Fitscience,Ballina have offered to run this event.
Connaught Time Trial League (remaining dates)
Wednesday 3/6/15, 30km and 40km in Swinford sign on 6.30pm start at 7.30pm.
Tuesday  16/6/15 as above
Tuesday  7/7/15   as above
Tuesday  21/7/15  16km,in Ballina,sign on 6.30pm start at 7.30pm
Tuesday  28/7/15  16km in Ballina
Tuesday  5/8/15   16km in Castlebar
 Tuesday  11/8/15 16km in castlebar.