Rás na Turcaí 2014 – Junior Race Report

By Keith Mulroy:

It was very cold and wet day, there was plenty of new bikes in the car park after Santa, we went out to the tavern as our race was starting there, we lined up to start behind the lead car, everyone was shivering with the cold, we took off, the pace went mad for first few mins and then the groups formed.

The U14s formed a group and the U12s formed a group, it was a “FUN” race but the cold/rain took the fun out of it, there was very little gear changing as all our fingers were numb with the cold, unlike other races this year there was no race plan the only plan was get to the finish as quick as we can and get home, we were almost all together till the last km and then I up’d the pace a bit.

The U14s were about 500m ahead of us and I wanted to try and close the gap a bit, the uphill finish was a killer but I could see our car and just wanted to cross the line and drop the bike and get into the car to the heat, it was nice to end the year on a high, I’d like to thank Mam, Dad and my sister Kelsey for their support throughout the year, I’d like to thank all the race organisers and marshals for giving their time.

I’d also like to thank Stephen Mullane from Chaindriven cycles for his help and support, well done to all the riders who took part in the races and thanks to T Burkes for the tea/coffee and sandwiches afterwards.


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