Endurance Challenge 2068


Endurance Challenge 2068, devised by two supporters of Breakthrough Cancer Research, is set to be the largest endurance triathlon event ever to be attempted in Ireland.

Over 22 days in August 2014 James Colbert and myself Sean Buckley will test our limits by:

Swimming 120km of the River Shannon,

Cycling 1780km through every county in Ireland &

Running 168km through 4 consecutive marathons in 4 provinces in 4 days to raise €500,000 for Breakthrough Cancer Research.

This challenge will take place in August 2014 but James and myself are already in training, given the significant level of fitness that will be required to complete such a challenge. The event is open to the public to get involved and we expect the majority of cycling clubs in the country to part-take in the challenge, along with the general public who can take part as we plan to grade the level of cyclists as to cater for all needs without holding back the more serious cyclists.

It is the cycling events that we expect to achieve the highest participation levels with cyclists of all levels getting the opportunity to be a part of this incredible challenge throughout Ireland. We would love it if we could invite Westport Covey Wheelers to help us to raise this ambitious target. When planning our four cycle tours we thought that Westport would be an ideal location for promotion and a stop on the Tour of Connaught. We know that you have your own cycling events already but we would hope that you might be able to ask your members if this would be something they would get behind and therefore we could either work directly with you in organising it or offer places to your members once it is up and running.

We will obviously hope to do as much of a promotional push and organising as possible to drive others to your area to support this and so we would envisage there being a knock on effect to the local community. With that said a large portion of those cycling will come from the local and surrounding area and we know only too well how your support could help us significantly increase the number of participants and ultimately raise much needed funds for cancer research. Of course, it may also increase the number of members to your cycling club as they will have another event and indeed challenge to train for.

We are planing on coming to Westport on Friday and Saturday October 28th and 29th to do a regional press release to highlight our plans to come to the area and if interested highlight your involvement. Friday night we will have an information evening, this will give us all the opportunity to meet and greet and for us to explain exactly what it is we plan on doing. We were also planning on getting in some training in on Saturday morning, If you and some of your members would be interested we would be more then happy to join ye for a spin 70-80k would be ideal.

Endurance Challenge 2068km will truly be an All-Ireland event as we will cycle the 32 counties and run in each of the four provinces. As unfortunately cancer effects everyone we hope that Endurance Challenge 2068 will help communities throughout the island to unite in the fight against this terrible disease and support the work of Breakthrough Cancer Research to find new treatment options for poor prognosis and incurable cancers.

With this in mind, please check out our website www.endurancechallenge.ie. We are also hoping to get a media sponsor involved so there should be loads of opportunities for PR and positive goodwill by helping with such an inclusive community challenge.

Here’s a short video <http://youtu.be/NHeAcUKMpSc> on Endurance Challenge 2068 and you can also check us out on Facebook.com/Endurance2068 or Twitter.com/Endurance2068.

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