Western / Covey League 2013 – Round 1 Results

A great start to the Western / Covey League with huge numbers turning out to take part in the 16km time trial.

With some great conditions, 65 cyclists battled daylight, possibly putting pressure on to get back even quicker!

Sean O’Malley from Western Lakes was the fastest of the evening with a time of 23:26.

Covies took 5 places in the top 10 showing a great start for the team trophy. Covies had 13 places out of the top 20 showing great promise to the season ahead.

Same course again next week, Wednesday 27th, as part of the Mayo League, with large numbers expected, it is very important to get to the Skate park early for sign on, and get the riders off early, as daylight will be an issue again.

Below is the table after round one, it includes the Team Classification and Ladies League info as well as the overall league table after one round.
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