David O’Loughlin Youth Training Camp

It was a good turn out by the children and a big thank you to David O’ Laughlin for facilitating and head coach Tony Walsh for making it an interesting and fun day for all involved.

The day started with a short presentation by David followed by team building and bike handling skills. Basic techniques such as cornering, leaning the bike, adjusting your centre of gravity and racheting were all covered and tested afterwards in a slow bicycle race. David brought his watt bike and all of the youth were tested. Attached is the summary of the power test results obtained by the Covey youths as part of their 2012 training camp. After lunch David did a stretching and core strength class followed by a spinning class to finish off the day. By all accounts everyone enjoyed the day.

As a follow on, the plan is to set up a generic training program for the children so they can work towards their own objectives for the year.

At end of 2013 season we want to hold a similar session to compare improvements. (This could be rolled up into a fun evening with the seniors where everyone will have the opportunity to test themselves.)

We will present prizes to the top 3 most improved youth cyclists in 2013 based on how they can change the numbers. The objective is relative self improvement .

In addition we will have a separate set of awards based on race results. The objective here is to have an overall Covey wheeler youth Club cyclist of the year.

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