Training Race in Srah – Wednesday 11th

Sorry for the short notice but we have decided to hold a race training evening this Wednesday the 11th. This event will be held in conjunction with Western Lakes and will be based on a series of interval racing.

The structure of the evening will be as follows:
-Meeting at Srah school at 7.15
-The training race will consist of 2 mini races in every lap of Srah so each mini race will be no longer than 3 km and there will be a total of 5 to 6 laps of the loop.
-The groups will be divided up according to their abilities so this race is opened to everyone.
-The beginner groups will be guided by more experienced racers on the night
-The aim of this meeting is to help a rider develop the necessary tools to improve them as a racer.
-Some of the benefits of this will included: how to race,how to ride in a bunch, how to attack out of your group and how to weigh up opponents.
-Due to it being on a circuit there will be plenty of opportunities for sitting out a race and getting some rest.

Remember this is opened to all levels and is a free event.

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