Covey Wheelers Club League 2012 – Round 4 Results

Below are from this evenings Covey Wheelers Club League Round 4.

A big thanks to all the volunteers and marshalls who gave their time to help out this evening. And well done to all who took part.

The next round is set for July 18th.

Great racing tonight in the Covey league.

Group 1 and Group 2 were going really well, Group 2 showing their strength and closing down the 3min gap on Group 1 to near 1min.

Group 3 were caught by a small breakaway from group 4. Team work is needed to be able to stay away and group 3 could learn something from this breakaway!


Group 1:
1st Tom Bourke – 5pts
2nd Tom McGreal – 4pts
3rd Ollie Whyte – 3pts

Group 2:
1st Francais Sheridan – 5pts
2nd Brendan Conway – 4pts
3rd Dermot Warde – 3pts

Group 3:
1st Damian Gannon – 5pts
2nd Michael Needham – 4pts
3rd Anthony Chappat – 3pts

Group 4:
1st Pat Monaghan – 5pts
2nd Sean O’Boyle – 4pts
3rd Dave Hanahoe – 3pts

Group 5 – Under Age
1st Keith Hastings – 5pts
2nd Ben Walsh – 4pts
3rd Philip O’Malley – 3pts

Below is the League table so far, based on the Results from the first 4 rounds.

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