Covey League Groups & League Table

Below is the list of groups for the Covey League, please make sure you know what group you are in. There are 5 groups and riders in each group are racing each other for the 5, 4, & 3 points available for that group, everyone else gets 1 point for participation.

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Below is the League table so far, based on the Results from the Time Trial held on April 1st.

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The Covey Wheelers Club League Round 2 will be a 40km Handicapped Road Race on Wednesday the 25th of April. The route will be out to Louisburgh and back (normal Wednesday evening Spin route).

Members must have at least a Club Competition License.
Entry fee is 20 euro.
Every rider must wear a number pinned to the back of their jersey at every race, this number must not be covered by a rain jacket or clothing.
If you don’t have a number already they will be available at sign on for €5.
For the full list of rules, see here: [Download not found]

Sign On will be from 6pm at the Skate Park. Group 1 will be let off first at 6:30, followed by Group 2, etc. There will be 3 minute intervals between each groups start.
If you miss your start you can’t race.

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