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The club is looking to develop the leisure section in the club. Leisure cycling involves touring and exploration or sightseeing by bicycle for leisure and recreation purposes. Leisure cycling is not suited to cyclists who want to train for competition.


To participate you must be a member of the club and have a Cycling Ireland Leisure license or higher. You can use any type of bike: mountain, hybrid or road. The bike type that you choose will depend on the type of terrain and distance that your group is planning to cover on an outing.


Leisure cyclists would typically cycle for up to 2 hr in a session, see where leisure cyclists fit into the club structure in the table below.


Group Table

Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Distance (km)
30 km Max
50k Max
30-50 km
50-60 km
70-80 km
90+ km
2 hr Max
2.5hr Max
2-2.5 hr
2-2.5 hr
2.5-3 hr
3.5 hr+
License Req’d
Leisure, Club Competition
Leisure, Club Competition
Club Competition
Open Race License
Type of Bike
Mountain, Hybrid, Road Bike
Hybrid or Road Bike
Road Bike
Road Bike
Road Bike
Fast Road Bike!



There are many leisure cycling events both nationally an internationally ranging from 2 hr local spins, to the Mizen to Malin Challenge to a 5 days tour of France, the sky is the limit! Leisure cycling is not about who comes first, its about enjoying cycling. Considering the Mizen to Malin challenge is considered a leisure event, there are some great challenges to aspire too.

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Leisure cycling cycling can be as easy or as hard as you like. The main thing is that it offers a great way to make new friends, keep fit and see our beautiful countryside and possibly foreign (warmer) countrysides, with a coffee stop or 2 thrown in to break up the journey.


Download a list of the leisure cycling events in Ireland for 2012

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We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced cyclists who are interested in leading leisure groups on a Sunday morning. If you are interested in be becoming a leisure group leader in the club, can you please send (current leisure officier) an email and we can get organised.

If you have any comments or suggestions about leisure cycling, please enter them below and start a discussion.


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