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Sunday Spins – Tell us how we can make them better!

If anybody has any feedback about Sunday spins please leave a comment below. All suggestions are welcome and you don’t even have to leave your real name. You must enter your email address but it will not be shown along side your comment.


If you think they are too slow, too fast, too long, too short, if you would perfer more sunshine during your cycling.


Select the group below for which you would to leave your comment:


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10 Comments on Sunday Spins – Tell us how we can make them better!

  1. I wish the sun would shine more! On a more serious note, when conditions are wet and cyclists are travelling in a group, they must give each other plenty of time to brake in the event of a sudden halt.

  2. I am in the beginners group, I think the groups should stay together until the end. Some people speed off and its ends up splitting the group up.

  3. How about a coffee n cake stop a little over the half way point of a long/leisure spin?

  4. This sounds like a great idea. Any places in mind to eat? Another good point out of this is the idea of a non-racing Leisure group of cyclists. Anyone have any interest in this?

  5. Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe it would add to the social aspect of cycling as well ‘cos I find myself sometimes puffing so hard that I can’t hold a decent conversation with the guy or gal next to me! Don’t really know of any suitable venues that would be open at that time on a sunday morning tho’…..maybe others would?

  6. Anybody interested in starting a leisure cycling group on a Sunday morning? No racing, just easy 1-2 hr cycles?

  7. Id like the group to meet for a coffee/cake at the end of the spin like we do when cycling abroad. Can debrief about the session also. I know Cafe Mocha is open, Im sure there are plenty others – good exposure for club too with a scatter of bikes outside!

  8. just a breaf word on the sunday cycle the first intermed group
    is going very well and its ran by 2 good guids who is giving us
    plenty of info on cycling but i think if its to slow for a few lads
    thin they should move up to the next group

  9. I like the idea of going for a tea or a coffee at the end of the spin, that could catch on….

  10. have to say coffee and cake sounds good to me too…mocha perfect venue…the beginners only speed off at 7 k to home just to open legs….but if it is to b a leisure cycle then the group will start and finish together…

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