Team Covey take Sheridan to victory

The final round of The Mayo League was held in Swinford on Thursday last in very windy conditions.
for the first time in the history of the league that final round was the decider and there were three clubs in Contention Castlebar C.C Covey Wheelers Westport and Western Lakes which made the final round a very tactical one.

David Brody was the cyclist who repesented Castlebar, Francis Sheridan Covey Wheelers and Barry Holion Western Lakes, The Covey team had to work very hard to keep Francis in contention and this they done, from the first group on the road, to the group with Francis and the third group with Barry Holion.

The turn out from the club was the best ever for a Mayo League and it worked with great efficiency, so well done from all that took part Francis finished in third place on the night and first overall in the league.
also a great league for Gerard Corcoran who was up in most of the rounds and finished in forth overall.

1…Francis Sheridan Covey Wheelers Westport
2…Barry Holian, Western Lakes
3…David Brody Castlebar C.C
4…Gerard Corcoran Covey Wheelers Westport
5.. Michael Gilvarry Western Lakes CC
6.. Michael Brady Westport Covey