Mayo Cycling League 2015


Mayo Cycling League rules and points systems


The format for the 2015 Mayo Club League is as follows:

Starting with a Time Trial then 6 Road Races, a penultimate Hill Climb and finishing with a Team Time Trial.


The league will start with a 16K TT on 1st April

9 events count towards the league for the individual and Team/club competition overall.


Mayo League Dates 2015


Wed1-AprTTMayo Cyc Lge16k6.30pm – Swinford
Wed15-AprRRMayo Cyc Lge H/Cap40k7.00pm – Ballina
Wed29-AprRRMayo Cyc LgeMass start40K7.00pm – Ballinrobe
Wed6-MayRRMayo Cyc LgeMass start50K7.15pm – Ballaghdreen
Wed27-MayRRMayo Cyc Lge H/Cap50K7.15pm – Westport
Wed10-JunRRMayo Cyc LgeMass start50K7.15pm – Cong
Wed24-JunRRMayo Cyc Lge H/Cap50K7.15pm – Ballyhanuis
Wed1-JulHCMayo Cyc Lge7K7.15pm – Castlebar
Wed22-JulTTTMayo Cyc Lge40K7.15pm – Swinford


Mayo Club Championship July 29th – Hosted by Castlebar CC



Each club is responsible for their members and will have to make a decision on the ability of their racers. Competent Club officers will have to screen their riders in advance so that each competitor has the fitness and skill level to be able to compete in their respective category at Mayo League level.


Road Races

  1. A handicap system will be in place at 3 road races. The aim of the H/cap is for cyclists to work together so their group hold of the scratch groups for as long as possible or catch the group in front depending on what group you are in, Handicaps will be at the discretion of the handicapper who will apply a seeding to all the riders participating where possible. Points for the top 10 in each handicapped road races. Handicapping is at the discretion of the organisers. i.e. Groups may not be divided by license alone.


  1. There will be 3 mass starts with points for the top 20 across the line. A bonus 10pts will be awarded to the winner of the following groups, A3/Jr, A4/club, Lady/U16 providing they are not in the top 10.

Time Trial / Hill Climb Races

In order to keep the league fair the Time Trial and Hill Climb will be handicapped by category as the riders compete in their respective Cycling Ireland License groupings. 4 groups – A1/2, A3/Jr, A4/club, Lady/U16.

The top ten in each category scoring.

Joint scores on the leader board will result in the rider with the faster TT being higher placed.


Points Scoring System for Road Races
Handicapped Races (top 10)               Mass Starts (top 20)
1st      30 pts                                       1st      50 pts                    11th 19pts
2nd     23 pts                                       2nd     40 pts                    12th 18pts
3rd      20 pts                                       3rd      35 pts                    13th 17pts
4th      18 pts                                       4th      30 pts                    14th 16pts
5th      17 pts                                       5th      28 pts                    15th 15 pts
6th      16 pts                                       6th      27 pts                    16th 14pts
7th      15 pts                                       7th      26 pts                    17th 13pts
8th      14 pts                                       8th      25 pts                    18th 12pts
9th      13 pts                                       9th      24 pts                    19th 11pts
10th    12 pts                                       10th    22 pts                    20th 10 pts


TT & HC Scoring System (for each Group A1/A2, A3/Jr,A4/Club, Ldy/U16)
25 pts    1st
23 pts    2nd
21 pts    3rd
19 pts    4th
18 pts    5th
17 pts    6th
16 pts    7th
15 pts    8th
14 pts    9th
13 pts    10th


Team Time Trial

Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish however only two teams’ points from one club will contribute towards points in the team classification. Teams can have up to 7 riders with the time of the 5th rider over the finish line to count as the overall team time.

25 pts    1st – Fastest Team
23 pts    2nd
21 pts    3rd
19 pts    4th
18 pts    5th
17 pts    6th
16 pts    7th
15 pts    8th
14 pts    9th
13 pts    10th

Team Competition

The points awarded to riders finishing in the top ten in each race will be used for the calculation of the Team points competition. Clubs will also score points in the Team Time Trial race. Clubs can enter as many Teams as they wish with the fastest two scores to count in their Team points tally. The Club with the highest winning points total at the end of the league wins the Mayo League Club ‘Team Prize’ perpetual cup


Lady’s League

Following on from the successful ladies edition in 2013 we have revised the scoring system for 2014 and beyond.

Top 5 ladies score the following in each race: 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points respectively.

Ladies Teams competition:  Points scored in the top 5 will be accumulated at the end of the league to get a Ladies Team winner.

The MCL committee in conjunction with the promoting club will hold a separate ladies only road race providing there are 10 or more ladies there to race.


The league points overall will only be open to cyclists from Mayo affiliated cycling clubs.

Cyclists from outside Mayo may race at the discretion of the Mayo Cycling Committee.

Fair play is considered a must at all events.

The Rules of the Road will strictly be adhered to.

The commissaire or the experienced person appointed will officiate the race and may warn or disqualify a rider or riders if there are seen to race in a dangerous manor.


Categories & Licensing:  
1 Cyclists must have one of the following categories of License: Ladies, U16, Junior, Club Competition, A4, A3, A2 & A1.

2 Leisure License holders cannot participate.

3 Cyclists must have their License and race number at each race.


Rules of the Competition 

1        Helmets are compulsory.

2        Sign on for individual races will close 15 minutes before the start. Riders   who fail to sign on will be refused race entry.

3        Every rider must wear a number pinned to the back of their jersey at      every race, and this must not be covered by a rain jacket or clothing.

4        Rules of Cycling Ireland apply.

5        Riders must wear their own club or team racing jersey or a plain jersey. Pro team jerseys are not permitted under Cycling Ireland rules.

6        No tri bars allowed in the Road Races.

7        No drafting in the Time Trials.

8        Handicap committee decision is final, no debating on the start line.

9        Obey the Marshalls.

10      €70 entry fee for the 9 rounds paid before competition starts or €15 entry fee per round. It is recommended that if a person intends to race the whole league that they sign up on line (See more details from club secretary or Mayo cycling league FB page).

TT, HC & TTT will be €15 per person for anyone that has not signed up for the full league.

11      All race expenses must be paid for on the night as appropriate to the event; The MLCC will pay a max of €100 towards the refreshments and €70 towards the ambulance.

12      2/3 of the entries after expenses go towards Prize Fund

13      The league will be held on open roads and all competitors must obey the rules of the road. Riders found to be breaking these rules or riding in a dangerous manner will be subject to penalty, which may include disqualification from an individual race or from the entire series. Decisions made on this matter will be made by the organisers and are final. Riders must obey marshalls instructions

14      Earphones, Ipods, MP3 players etc. are strictly forbidden in all events. Riders found to be using these are subject to automatic disqualification

15      Each club is responsible for the organisation of each league round and must provide venue, Safe and marked out route, Map of route, sign on personal, lead cars, marshals, changing facilities, refreshments and presentation venue.


Prizes/ Photos

The first 3 across the line at each race. These riders must present themselves for a podium shot at each race presentation.

The person leading the overall points is obliged to wear the Leader’s yellow jersey at each race.


Prizes presented at Presentation night

  1. Overall Winner
  2. Ladies Winner
  3. The top 10 overall
  4. Team Prize perpetual cup
  5. Most Improved Rider
  6. Most Aggressive Rider
  7. Category prizes
  8. Young Rider
  9. Fastest TT, Fastest HC

The committee decision on improved, aggressive & young categories is final.

Prize presentation may take place at the Mayo cycling championships or as directed by Mayo cycling committee

The Mayo Cycling Championships

The 2015 championship will be hosted by Castlebar CC on Wednesday the 29th of July.

Open to all categories A1, A2, A3, A4, Club, Junior, Veteran, and Ladies

There will also be a team prize (Perpetual cup)