Strava TT League 2022

**Final League Table**

Groups have been updated!

The Strava TT will be divided into 3 Main Groups, we will have 1 Ladies group and 2 other groups. These are not set in stone and you can be moved in or out of a group depending on results. We will do our very best to be fair at every level, but remember it is only fun and of course most important “Bragging Wrights” are up for grabs!!

Tables will be posted each week below and TOP 10 on Main Page…

Week 1

G1Adrian Fahy9:5110
Bryan Renton9:556
Paul Geraghty10:393
Dara Clarke11:261
Mika K12:17
G2Dan Conway12:4410
Theo Ingham13:336
Conor Farrell13:503
Jarlath Brady14:111
GWDeirdre Clarke12:2810
Lorainne Toner15:446

Week 2

G1Bryan Renton4:2610
Dara Clarke4:426
Colm Staunton5:093
Adrian Fahy5:141
Michael Flynn5:29
Mika K5:36
Martin Walmsley5:49
Noel McGourty5:49
GWDeirdre Clarke6:2910

Week 3

G1Adrian Fahy07:2910
Dara Clarke07:296
Martin Walmsley08:013
Mika K08:171
G2Ivan Fair08:4010
Jarlath Brady08:466
Deirdre Clarke08:523

Week 4

G1Bryan Renton04:5010
Dara Clarke05:106
Colm Staunton05:313
Noel mc Gourty06:201
Paul Geraghty06:23
Mika K06:49
G2Jarlath Brady06:3210
Ivan Fair06:366
Deirdre Clarke07:023


Week 5

G1Adrian Fahy12:2910
Bryan Renton12:526
Paul Geraghty13:153
Colm Staunton13:441
G2Theo Ingham14:0510
Dara Clarke15:296
Mika K15:553
Jarlath Brady18:021
Anthony Kearney19:05
GWDeirdre Clarke16:3210
Lorraine Toner23:036

Week 6

G1Adrian Fahy12:5810
Paul Geraghty14:106
Bryan Renton15:353
G2Mika K16:0610
Dara Clarke16:376
Jarlath Brady17:213
David Cusack19:071
Deirdre Clarke19:35
Anthony Kearney20:52

Week 7

G1Bryan Renton12:0310
Dara Clarke13:526
Adrian Fahy13:553
Noel McGourty14:091
Paul Geraghty15:42
Colm Staunton16:26
G2Jarlath Brady17:0510
Deirdre Clarke17:166
Mika K17:553

Leader Board


NameW 1W 2W 3W 4W 5W 6W 7Total
Bryan Renton61010631045
Adrian Fahy101101010344
Deirdre Clarke10103310642
Dara Clarke166666637
Jarlath Brady1610131031
Mika K1310317
Ivan Fair10616
Theo Ingham61016
Paul Geraghty336113
Lorainne Toner6612
Dan Conway1010
Colm Staunton3317
Conor Farrell33
Martin Walmsley33
Noel McGourty112
David Cusack11