WestportIf Marshals

All please find all the details for the marshals on Saturday.

WhereMarshal TypeMarshal NameMarshal CountTime StartTime FinishNotes:
Town – Bottom James StOn Bike RidersMotor bike1910.05amStopping traffic from Newport Road
Town – Bottom Bridge StOn Bike RidersMotor bike18.4510.05amStopping Traffie from Castlebar St
Town – Top Bridge StOn Bike RidersMotor bike18.4510.05amStopping pedestrians
Town –  At ClockOn Bike RidersMotor bike18.4510.05amStopping cars
Town –  At OctagonOn Bike RidersYannick Scheener28.4510.05amStopping pedestrians
Town –  At Turn for Leeaun Road – QuayOn Bike RidersSiobhan o malley18.4510.05amTurning cycle left and stopping traffic
Town –  At Turn onto West RoadOn Bike RidersNoel McGourty18.4510.05amTurning cycle right and stopping traffic leeaun road
West Road turn to Quay-BeclareOn Bike RidersRay staunton-head18.4510.05am??? Do we need to stop traffic here?
Murrisk Car ParkOn Bike RidersPatricia Foy-head29.1510.30amJust safety to watch cars coming out
Louisburgh town square @ Staunton PharmacyWestport CCColm staunton-head19.2512.15pmlet groups through safely
Louisburgh town square @ other sideWestport CCTommie bourke/robert staunton19.2512.15pmlet groups through safely
Louisburgh town BridgeWestport CCGer corcoran19.2512.15pmStop traffic leeaun road/ direct torwards Kileen
Louisburgh town BridgeWestport CCdave conway19.2512.15pmStop traffic from Carrowmore/ direct torwards Kileen
Kileen turn to CreggaunbawnWestport CCPadraig McLoughlin/joe moran29.40am1pmDirect towards Creggaunbawn
Tight bridge on the Kileen to Creggaubawn roadWestport CCMartin Warmsley/francis09.50am1.15pmTight bridge, just bewary of it.
Turn to onto road to DooloughWestport CCTom Moran/ollie whyte29.50am1.30pmMight need 2 here ALL ROUTES
GLEN KEANE FARMWestport CC+louisburgh gaaKeith O’Connell/Aidan-head+5 gaa ladies410.15am2pmCheckin wrist band 4 people
Turn to Ashleagh Falls/LeenaunWestport CCEoghan Carr-head/Dave Rodgers/Liam O Sullivan210.30am2pmMight need 2 here – SiGN has to say 80km and point LEFT
WATER STOP DARBYSWestport CCmgt themselves212.152.30pm
Junction At fire stationWestport CCTom O’Fylnn-head/Alan Tuffy/Alan Hyland112.30pm4.30pmNeeded for directing into town
Leeaun road meets Quay roadWestport CCFergal Mackin/Tommie Loughran/Stephen212.30pm4.30pmDirecting people right and stopping traffic
Leisure Centre212.30pm5PM
Bottom Sandy HillWestport CCnot needed11.10PM4.10PMDirecting them up Sandy Hill
At T junction down High Street and straigh on to LeeaunWestport CCnot needed11.10PM4.10PMMake sure they don’t go down the town
Cordarrgh  , @95KM – Need sightWestport CCCliona Murray-head/simon fabby212PM3.45SIGN And marshal directing people straight on
Dangerous cornerWestport CCStephen Cowley/Dave Cusack11.15 PM4.30 PMSIGN DO WE NEED MARSHAL
Rooghaun crossroadsWestport CCMick Hogan/catherine harrison/Ruth hyland21.15 PM4.30 PMSIGN And marshal directing people
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