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Rás Mhaigheo 2017 – Thank you

Hi All,

Thank you all for your work last weekend to drive the success of one of Irelands top races. Whether you  drove a support vehicle, comm driver, sweep, neutral service, marshaled, registration or anything else, your support was crucial to the smooth running of the races and the organising committee can’t thank you enough.

Also want to thank and congratulate all our own racers for the efforts over the weekend. In what was a strong field each of you represented the club in exemplary fashion. Also to our A4s, some undertaking their first A4 races again performed excellently with the Covies having two (well 3 really!) in the top 6.  Noel B is selling bottles of what ever he is drinking!!! 😀

We have had many comments from the racers and teams in relation to the marshaling and co-ordinators of what is now rated one of the best open road races in the country.

You have helped to put Westport Covey Wheelers and Rás Mhaigh Eó on the cycling map. Well done, you all did a magnificent job.

Thanks again.

Aidan Gill & Committee

Race Director

3 Comments on Rás Mhaigheo 2017 – Thank you

  1. Nollaig Mac Aodh // March 27, 2017 at 11:19 pm // Reply

    Cyclists in Westport last weekend caused a lot of safety concern for motorists from what I and others experienced. On Sunday morning cyclists were riding several abreast on golf course road. They were cycling in both directions and some doing uturns. It was not safe to pass some as there were others coming in the opposite direction. There was no consideration for traffic trying to get through the calming ramps. I’ve has comments from several sources complaining about the behaviour of these cyclists in Westport at the weekend. These events should be organised for low population/traffic locations. Some day there is going to be a serious injury or worse from an accident or hopefully never road rage incident.

    • Hi Noel
      Thank you for your comment. We had bike and car marshals and also volunteers at the top of that road to inform people that the cavalcade was approaching. The cyclists were informed to stay off the public roads before the start of the race but with a field of 140 riders we could only control so much of this. Riders are asked to abide by the rules of the road at all times and those which didn’t were given time penalties.
      The race was rolled out from Westport as due to the size of the event a large premises was required for registration. Also 90% of the riders are not from Mayo or within driving distance so they stay in Westport and need a central location. Thank you for contacting us, we will certainly aim to redress this issue for the next event. Kind Regards

  2. Nollaig Mac Aodh // April 14, 2017 at 12:03 am // Reply

    Thanks for your response. Its great that there is so much take up of cycling. I wish I had time for it. However I have experienced quite a number events where cyclists on roads are presenting challenges to sharing the roads on events. Keep up the good work

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