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Rás Mhaigheo Youth Race – 11/12th March


 Use CI Link Below


Closing Date 9th March

SIGN ON: 12pm to 1pm

LOCATION: Country Lodge Hotel, Aughagower, Westport. Sign On location
(Please bring your Cycling Ireland Licence)

Saturday 11th March Stage 1 (Road Race 14:00)

(U16 Olympic Qualifier)

U12: 5K MAP: U12 Map
U16: 47k (5LAPS) MAP: LAPS MAP: FINISH HILL ( Olimpic Qualifier)

Note  : U12 Have a different starting location
RACE START U12 @ Gate Entrance to Country Lodge Hotel, Aughagower, Westport @2pm
U14 Start in Aughagower Village, directly after U12 Race.
U16 Start in Aughagower Village, directly after U14 Race.


Sunday 12th March Stage 2 (Time Trail 08:30)

U12 & U14 TT 7Km

SIGN ON: No sign on, start times based on rider numbers
LOCATION: Croagh Patrick Car Park, Westport for U12 & U14 Near start location
RACE START: First rider off at 8:31am with all riders
 off at 1 minute intervals
PARKING: Parking is available at start, please be mindful not to impede traffic
NOTE: Riders should be there 10mins before time slot. NO exceptions made for time slots missed.

U16 TT 10Km (Olympic Qualifier)

Important U16’s start at Lecanvey Church (Approx. 4k Past Croagh Patrick on the Louisburg Road)

Sunday 12th March Stage 3 (Road Race 13:30)

SIGN ON: 12:30pm to 1pm sharp
LOCATION: Srah School. (Approx 20k from Westport) start location
U12: 8K 1LAP
U14: 24K 3LAPS
U16: 48K 6LAPS
RACE START Srah School
U12 @ 1:30p m
U14 directly after U12 Race.
U16 directly after U14 Race.

Numbers, Timing Chips and Collection of Cycling Ireland Licences

  • All Competitors MUST provide a valid Cycling Ireland license at registration (Sign in)
  • Race Numbersprovided to be worn on  BOTH  back pockets of Jersey
  • Timing chip to be placed on the LEFT fork ONLY (approx. 120mm above Skewer)
  • Timing Chip are required for all stages including the TT
  • No  Saddle bags or  lights
  • Numbers and Chips to be returned to the License Official located close to the finish of stage 3
  • License will be returned to riders on receipt of Numbers and Chips
  • Results will be on points based GC
  • All Queries to John Doherty 087 2712857/



Prize giving will take place in the Country Lodge Hotel Aughagower approx 1hr after the last race finishes.
There will be some light refreshments served.



  • Yellow Jersey – Top placed GC

          Pink Jersey – Top placed Girl GC

  • Polkadot Jersey – KOH Classification

          Green Jersey U14 & U16 only 


Top 3    General Classification

1St Girl  General Classification

  • Stage 1    Top 3  +  1st unplaced (U11) – 1st unplaced (U13) – 1st unplaced (U15)         
  • Stage 2    Top 3  +  1st unplaced (U11) – 1st unplaced (U13) – 1st unplaced (U15)
  • Stage 3    Top 3  +  1st unplaced (U11) – 1st unplaced (U13) – 1st unplaced (U15)  



  • All prizes MUST be collected at Presentation
  • NO bike mountedvideo recording equipment permitted.
  • ALL race numbers must be visible outside of gilets/rain jackets. Covered numbers or poorly placed/fixed numbers will result in a null and void time (This will NOT be open for dispute).
  •  All races are conducted on open roads. It is mandatory that  Riders obey the Rules of the Road and any instructions as issued by officials of the Race – Take particular care on bends or where hazards exists. Reckless or Dangerous behaviour should be reported to the Commissaries,  Marshals or a race official. All competitors are minded to be respectful of officials and supportive of a safe outcome for all.


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