Rás na Turcaí 2016

This years St. Stephens Day Ras Na Turcai will be a Leisure Event meeting at the Clock with the cycle starting at 11am.

As per last year we hope to have 2 groups and depending on weather we will have a 40km and 60km option. Again this year it’s about the leisure and enjoyment so you can get stuck into the turkey and goodies without the fear of blowing up at Lecanvey on the way out!!
In order to spice things up we will have a short burst for the line in from Gannons Garage. Colm Staunton has been King/Queen of the Turcai for many years so now is your chance to put him out to roost and win the most coveted title known to turkeys.
For those of you who haven’t completely stuffed themselves on Christmas day we will meet in for a bowl of soup and light refreshments directly afterwards. ** VENUE TBC
We will have a top prize for King/Queen of the Turcaí and a few side prizes.
Might be a few sociables after the event for those who are on for it.
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