Covey League Round 2 – Race Report

By Keith Mulroy:

The race started off with a nice tempo and everyone done their share of work.On the way back in we were told we had a 4:30minutes of a gap and we all thought that we could get to the line first if we worked hard.

With around 300 metres to go to the line Eimear Harrison attacked and I got on her wheel and with 200metres to go I launched my sprint and I got a good gap and managed to hold it to take the chequered flag,it was good to take the 2nd win of the league.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a few people as I forgot to do a report for round one, Thanks to all the marshals and race organisers for running another well ran race,I’d like to thank¬† the club for all the support we get as youths going to races.thanks to all that helpers that come out to drive as back up for our training sessions and also our club sponsors.

Big thanks our club coach Noel(dad) for all the coaching and preparing us for racing and traveling around the country with the youths most weekends.thanks to mam and Kelsey for giving up there time most weekends to travel with me to races, thanks also to Chaindrivencycles for there continued support, #chaindrivincycles #powertap #bottecchia#Gipiemmewheels #kangenwater #mulroycoaching 😜