Eoghan takes final stage on Covey Wheelers League 2015

It was a wet night ,Not many had turned up, but as it got closer to 6:30 people started to arrived.

the first group had went of with a handicap of 10 minutes , we didnt think we would catch them because of the strong head wind we had going out to louisbough and of corse of the onform youth Oisin Gannon and Keith Mulroy.
We started the race,there was ten of us and after 10 minutes of waiting in the cold. we were glad to get on the road.The 10 of us go into  a nice rythem  of up and over.We were fairly motoring Steve B gave us the time gap we had gained six minutes but still needed to gain 4. The group stayed together for another ten km.We all started to tire.Aaron started to push it on at the front and myself Ben and Patjoe got across to him We were working well together and then  we saw the lead group ahead 10 km from the finish.The four of us  started to look at each other but no one was willing  to push it on.I deiced to go.The  3 lads were still looking at each other which helped  me because the gap went out that was untill Aaron had broke from the 2 lads. I had passed the first group and so had Aaron. Eventually Aaron had made it up to me.We started working well and increased our gap on the rest.We had lost time getting caught behind a tractor but we still kept going as we got further to the bottom of the hill Noel Brady stared to wave the checkered flag.The finish line had come quicker than we thought due to on coming traffic so we ended the race with me in first place and Aaron second. Well done Keith Mulroy on coming 5th #bottechia
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