An Post Rás – Stage 4 Details

As we know today Stage 4 comes through Mayo and this is the perfect opportunity to get out and support all the Mayo lads.

Bring a flag or a banner or anything to support them all in their massive effort and cheer them up the road and watch them hold their own against some serious riders from all over the world.


We have 4 from our own club and also Dave Brennan from Castlebar CC in the Mayo.ie team.

We have Anthony Murray with the Australian Team Subaru-Albion who is also a Covey Wheelers.

Also Jason Prendergast from Louisburgh is a former Covey Wheeler and is cycling with the other Mayo team, MAYO Coleman Electronics – T.K.E

Full details are on the An Post Rás page at: Route Details

Also get up to the minute details on the Rás twitter page: Rás Twitter

Bearna to Newport, 155.0 km


  • An Spidéal, Leenane, Louisburgh, Lecanvey, Murrisk, Westport,


Riders Sign‑OnAt back of Twelve Hotel, entrance through carpark9:30–10:30
AssemblySuper Valu Car Park10:45
Ceremonial StartSuper Valu Car Park Exit11:00
NeutralisedTo 1.3km


Estimated time of arrival at kilometres per hour484032
KmMlLocationBack windAverageHead wind
0.00.0Ceremonial Start11:0011:0011:00
1.30.8End of neutralised zone11:0111:0111:02
0.00.0Start of race at 60k signs11:0111:0111:02
7.14.4Entering An Spidéal11:0811:1011:13
21.613.4Right at Y junction11:2711:3211:40
22.614.0Right at Y junction11:2811:3311:42
28.817.9Right turn dir Maam Cross/Clifden11:3611:4311:54
40.225.0Left turn dir Carna R34011:5012:0012:15
48.029.8Right turn dir Cashel L120512:0012:1212:30
50.031.150km raced at block shed on LHS12:0212:1512:33
57.835.9Right turn at T junction dir Cashel12:1212:2612:48
58.436.3Right turn at Y junction dir Clifden R34012:1312:2712:49
63.339.3Right turn at T junction dir Galway & Oughterard, N5912:1912:3412:58
65.140.5Left turn dir Renvyle, Letterfrack R34412:2112:3713:02
79.949.6Right turn at T junction dir Westport, Leenane, N5912:3912:5913:29
89.855.8Entering Leenane12:5213:1413:48
91.156.6Left at Y junction over bridge12:5313:1613:50
94.658.8Left turn dir Louisburgh, R33512:5813:2113:57
95.159.1Left hand bend onto narrow bridge12:5813:2213:58
101.362.9Right turn at T junction13:0613:3114:09
105.565.6Straight, dir Liscarney LHS13:1113:3814:17
107.967.0Chevrons on LHS13:1413:4114:22
121.075.2Entering Louisburgh13:3114:0114:46
121.675.6Turn right at 4Xroads into Louisburgh13:3214:0214:48
122.075.8CAUTION 3 x ramps in Louisburgh13:3214:0314:48
122.576.1CAUTION High ramp13:3314:0314:49
129.280.3Entering Lecanvey13:4114:1315:02
130.080.825km to go signs a Kearns Pub on RHS13:4214:1515:03
133.583.0Entering Murrisk13:4614:2015:10
20km to go
135.684.3CAUTION Cycle lane barriers on LHS13:4914:2315:14
137.985.7CAUTION Cycle lane barriers on LHS13:5214:2615:18
3 x sets cycle lanes on LHS
142.088.2Entering Westport13:5714:3315:26
142.388.4Left turn at T junction dir Westport13:5714:3315:26
142.688.6Right turn at T junction dir Town Centre, Bangor N5913:5814:3315:27
143.389.0Ramp followed by 7 ramps & pedestrian crossing/traffic lights13:5914:3415:28
CAUTION Last ramp has bad drop at curb on LHS
145.090.110km to go at chevrons/junction to the right, two signs on one pole14:0114:3715:31
150.093.25km to go at Yellow/Black sign14:0714:4515:41
151.093.84km to go at junction on LHS, L5427514:0814:4615:43
152.094.43km to go at red/white 100kph sign14:1014:4815:45
153.095.12km to go at 100kph sign14:1114:4915:46
154.095.71km to go at brown Newport sign on LHS14:1214:5115:48
500m to go at 1st bungalow on LHS (grey painted wall) at brow of hill
400m to go 20m before junction with L54265 on LHS
300m to go at Joyce’s Garage  on LHS
Support vans to park on left hand side of the road, just before the bridge
Team cars to park on the right hand side of the road in an orderly fashion. No team cars are to cross the bridge
250m to go at protruding footpath  on LHS/lamp post
200m to go at 1st lamp  post  on LHS of bridge
150m to go between 2nd & 3rd black lamp post on bridge
100m to go at end of bridge
75m to go at junction  on RHS, opposite stone wall entrance
50m to go at Sheridans Centra entrance
25m to go at Hairs & Sirs
155.096.3Finish line in Main Street14:1314:5215:50
Finish line at Best Bet/ramp at pavement on RHS


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