Group 1 – Race Report

Written By: Aaron Doherty

The weather was brilliant, the cyclists were there in their numbers and we were in the midst of two Rás Teams so the scene was set for a wonderful evenings racing.

As we rode into the setting sun there was a bit of discussion whether or not the race had actually started but after a Subaru Albion rider came past like a bat out of hell it was confirmed that it had started. The chasing started off with Pat Joe, followed by myself and by the time we got to the top of O’Gradys hill everything was back together . From this point on I dont have much memory of what happened but it was very aggressive for sure. Actually now that I have my memory back I can remember that the young Australian rider ”Jesus” and myself had got up the road even though we were only at Gannons garage with a long road ahead of us .

I knew these riders were very strong and as I looked back to check for any company I realized I had plenty of it with three other Subaru boys jumping across to us. By the time I had got to Murrisk I knew it was my race to win….After coming onto the straight for Old Head the lads decided to sit up as on the instruction of their team manager so as to allow the rest of the team bridge the gap…..we didnt have to wait very long though as by the time we got to Old Head the whole team was in a break with me sitting on and admiring a master class of how to ride as a team

After turning left for the backroad  into Louisburgh we got nailed by a dirty crosswind but the team quickly dealt with it spanning right across the road from left to right . On the way back we had to deal with a nasty head wind but the team did a great job and kept a very steady controlled pace the whole way in. Once we got back to the foot of O’Gradys hill again I knew all I had to do was stay upright and the race was mine and so it turned out to be a sweet victory.
Eventhough this was only a club level race I believe that this was the most perfect team riding  I had ever seen since I started cycling and was very happy to be part of it. At the end of the day it was worth all the effort so as to get a nice juicy burger from Brendan O’Malley. Thank you Brendan and everyone who helped out on the night.
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