Race Report: Connacht MTB League

Padraic Furlongs son asked me Saturday if I was going to the MTB race in Delphi so that was the first I heard of race Saturday morning.

Sundays weather was promised really wet and I didn’t fancy a 3hr Sunday spin in those conditions, So I opted for the murkier wetter conditions of the MTB biking .

I borrowed Siobhan O’ Malleys bike and headed off. I arrived and registered and just then the heavens opened “Jez what was I thinking”!
I headed out on a recce and soon realised I was mad in the head.
The route was modified from my last visit to Delphi the made it harder more technical. It was the 2nd round of the national league so I guess that’s why.

We lined up and headed off, the girls were all together until I lost a shoe, that took a while to get myself sorted but when I did I took off didn’t really have to think, just did it, which was a good thing.

I caught the girls on the climb but that was the way it would stay. We had 2 laps, 11km in total and it took an hour. So while it was different to the road it was a very enjoyable day out.

Thanks to Delphi resort, Connaught MTB biking and was a great race very well organised.


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