Rás Mhaigh Eo – Final Results


The cold morning meant a frosty start for the local lads who were off first but luckily the morning brightened, temperatures rose along with the easterly tailwind there were some notable fast times. Daire Feeley was on top form and topped the podium. This was to prove crucial as Stage 2B was a closely marked affair even though some of the big teams were not in the top ten of GC the attacks weren’t hard or long enough to cause any splits. Peter Tuohy of Castlebar CC took an opportune moment and blasted away on his own with 20k remaining taking the final sprint prime to boot. His teammate Karl Benson took both KOH primes on the day and won the Wyatt Hotel polka dot jersey enroute.
Peter Tuohys moved looked doomed when his team mate caught him at the top of the last climb but while Karl sat up along with the remainder of the bunch Peter struck for home along with 2nd placed Lucan Rider with 10k to go. The bunch finished at huge speed into the technical town finish which was won by John Priest from Lucan for 3rd. Caimin Muldoon from NRPT was the best placed junior and took the Westport Smarter Travel white jersey. Máire Claffey from UCD was best placed female rider and won the ladies Castlecourt Pink Jersey. Daire Feeley had a nervy run in with Tuohy close on GC and after riding all day on the front his itap team mates were wrecked but he held onto his yellow jersey by 35sec Feeley finishing safely in the bunch.
Castlebars Liam Corcoran was in the mix at the final sprint taking 7th after yesterdays 2nd ending a great weekend for Castlebar CC.

Race report by Keith O’ Connell.

OrganiserNoel BradyStage15th March 2015General classification after


Average speed of winner40,44km/hTotal distance184,41km


Position No. Rider Team Category Time Gap
1.118Daire FeeleyTeam iTapA24.33’36”
2.14Peter TuohyCastlebar CCA24.34’11”35″
3.95Dick O BrienOrwell WheelersA24.34’11”35″
4.109Fergal MaySt Tiernans CCA34.34’12”36″
5.97Tom BlennerhassetOrwell WheelersA24.34’14”38″
6.112Murt RiceSundrive Track TeamA24.34’15”39″
7.133Stephen DonnellyLiquidworx FitscienceA34.34’17”41″
8.120David BrodyTeam iTapA34.34’19”43″
9.96Brian McArdleOrwell WheelersA24.34’24”48″
10.89Caimin MuldoonNRPTJnr4.34’26”50″
11.75Paul DunneLiquidworx FitscienceA34.34’26”50″
12.45Simon TuomeyCork Giant Race TeamJnr4.34’31”55″
13.116Ronan FitzpatrickN3 RacingA34.34’31”55″
14.113Matthew McCullaghSundrive Track TeamA34.34’33”57″
15.131Michael LeonardLucan CRCA24.34’33”57″
16.108John MaloneSt Tiernans CCA34.34’34”58″
17.57James McGreevyWest Port Covey WheelersA24.34’37”1’01”
18.129Michael DevinsUnattachedA24.34’38”1’02”
19.29Conn McDunphyLucan CRCJnr4.34’39”1’03”
20.15Karl BensonCastlebar CCJnr4.34’40”1’04”
21.122Paul O ConnellTipperary WheelersA34.34’43”1’07”
22.73Henry CookeLCCA34.34’45”1’09”
23.22Dermot WhiteLucan CRCJnr4.34’45”1’09”
24.90Jamie BusherOrwell WheelersA34.34’46”1’10”
25.104Richard GribbonsSeven Springs CCA34.34’47”1’11”
26.44John FitzpatrickCKR Cycling ClubA34.34’50”1’14”
27.9Richard MeneyWest Port Covey WheelersA24.34’54”1’18”
28.5Keith O ConnellWest Port Covey WheelersA24.34’56”1’20”
29.38Peter McBrideAAA Cycling TeamA24.35’01”1’25”
30.62Ronan FordeGalway Bay CCA34.35’05”1’29”
31.27Andrew KeoghLucan CRCA34.35’05”1’29”
32.78Colin ReynoldsLiquidworx FitscienceA34.35’07”1’31”
33.13David WalsheCastlebar CCA34.35’07”1’31”
34.88Enda MolonyNorthwest MTBA34.35’07”1’31”
35.126Colm FerrariUCD CCA34.35’10”1’34”
36.4Gerard CorcoranWest Port Covey WheelersA34.35’12”1’36”
37.28Mark NichollsLucan CRCA24.35’12”1’36”
38.46Robert O LearyCork Giant Race TeamJnr4.35’12”1’36”
39.23Sean FlynnLucan CRCA34.35’14”1’38”
40.136Simon KellyBurren CCA24.35’15”1’39”
41.81Michael MullinLongford CCA34.35’16”1’40”
42.51Joseph MuleadyÉire ÓgA34.35’21”1’45”
43.33Martin McNamaraLucan CRCA34.35’23”1’47”
44.60Ronan O FlynnGalway Bay CCA34.35’23”1’47”
45.8Paraic ConwayWest Port Covey WheelersA34.35’26”1’50”
46.42Sean McInerneyBurren CCA24.35’30”1’54”
47.115Brendon MarshN3 RacingA34.35’31”1’55”
48.70Flor O MahonyKillorglin CCA34.35’33”1’57”
49.30Eugene MurtaghLucan CRCA24.35’36”2’00”
50.107Daniel WhitingSt Finbarrs CCA24.35’40”2’04”
51.21Cian SuthcliffeLucan CRCJnr4.35’40”2’04”
52.31Stephen BryanLucan CRCJnr4.35’41”2’05”
53.10Colm StauntonWest Port Covey WheelersA34.35’41”2’05”
54.41Peter KilgallenBallina CCJnr4.35’44”2’08”
55.12Liam CorcoranCastlebar CCA34.35’45”2’09”
56.66Damien O FarrellGarda CCA24.35’45”2’09”
57.94Diarmuid CollinsOrwell WheelersA24.35’47”2’11”
58.77Brendan RyderLiquidworx FitscienceA34.35’48”2’12”
59.91Aidan CollinsOrwell WheelersA24.35’49”2’13”
60.24Ronan KilleenLucan CRCA24.35’49”2’13”
61.85Kenneth KennedyNenagh CCA34.35’51”2’15”
62.26John PriestLucan CRCA34.36’00”2’24”
63.43Declan HanrahanCarrick WheelersA34.36’01”2’25”
64.69Michael DohertyInishowen CCA34.36’02”2’26”
65.58Alan CunninghamGalway Bay CCA34.36’08”2’32”
66.48Stephen FinneganÉire ÓgA34.36’09”2’33”
67.32Ross Campbell GroganLucan CRCA24.36’13”2’37”
68.35Matthew McKinleyAAA Cycling TeamA24.36’21”2’45”
69.86Shane ScullyNenagh CCA24.36’25”2’49”
70.2Patjoe O ConnellWest Port Covey WheelersA34.36’30”2’54”
71.106Kevin MartinShannonside CCJnr4.36’43”3’07”
72.130Rob CumminsWheelworxA24.37’00”3’24”
73.119Darragh BaileyTeam iTapA34.39’09”5’33”
74.16Mark QuigleyWestern Lakes CCA24.39’26”5’50”
75.134Aidan ReadeBlack RoseA34.40’13”6’37”
76.64Tony BourkeGalway Bay CCA24.41’16”7’40”
77.72Kieran McGroryLakeland CCA34.41’54”8’18”
78.93Liam RowsomeOrwell WheelersA34.42’07”8’31”
79.1Michael FlynnWest Port Covey WheelersA34.42’33”8’57”
80.18Padraic HughesWestern Lakes CCA24.42’34”8’58”
81.87Matthew KennedyNenagh CCA34.42’50”9’14”
82.132Cale CoenLiquidworx FitscienceA34.49’27”15’51”
83.34Evan DonoghueAAA Cycling TeamJnr4.50’56”17’20”
84.20Janis BlinovsWestern Lakes CCA34.50’58”17’22”
85.67Donal MahonGBCCA34.52’33”18’57”
86.82John HollandMcNally Swords CCA34.53’08”19’32”
87.102Brian CullenRossbury RacingA24.56’09”22’33”
88.110John McGettiganSt Tiernans CCA34.56’22”22’46”
89.79Leo TempleLongford CCA34.56’28”22’52”
90.117Jordan McGinleyTeam iTapA34.56’33”22’57”
91.103Nick CoughlanRossbury RacingA34.56’41”23’05”
92.80Shane QuinnLongford CCA34.56’51”23’15”
93.92Neal HudsonOrwell WheelersA24.57’04”23’28”
94.123Con DohertyUCD CCA34.57’16”23’40”
95.84Eoin WoolleyNenagh CCA34.57’57”24’21”
96.99Greg DempseyRossbury RacingA24.59’09”25’33”
97.98Michael DoyleRossbury RacingA34.59’22”25’46”
98.59Sean O ConnorGalway Bay CCA35.03’03”29’27”
99.47Stephen MurphyCunga CCA35.03’40”30’04”
100.37Michael BrennanAAA Cycling TeamA35.04’04”30’28”
101.7Aichlinn O ReeillyWest Port Covey WheelersA35.04’24”30’48”
102.100David WhittyRossbury RacingA35.04’41”31’05”
103.76Derk BowyerLiquidworx FitscienceA35.04’52”31’16”
104.25Ger StephensonLucan CRCA35.05’27”31’51”
105.101Patsy McCafferyRossbury RacingA35.06’55”33’19”
106.135Declan LallyBlack RoseA35.07’08”33’32”
107.55Austin LeeErrigal CCJnr5.09’08”35’32”
108.114Thomas O BrienSundrive Track TeamA35.10’05”36’29”
109.111Barry WalshSt Tiernans CCA35.10’32”36’56”
110.53Kieran HarkinErrigal CCJnr5.11’31”37’55”
111.11David McGrathCastlebar CCA35.14’39”41’03”
112.54Adam RankinErrigal CCJnr5.18’29”44’53”
113.49Enda O HalloranÉire ÓgA35.18’35”44’59”
114.40David WalshBallina CCA35.23’06”49’30”
115.83Kevin SherlockNenagh CCA35.24’58”51’22”
116.127Máire ClaffeyUCD CCA35.25’32”51’56”
117.124Mikey MoriartyUCD CCA35.27’40”54’04”
118.128John MahonUnattachedA35.47’03”1.13’27”
119.61Ben VaheyGalway Bay CCjnr5.48’22”1.14’46”


Sprints Competition

Rás Maigh Eó


OrganiserNoel BradyStage15th March 2015Sprint classification after


Position No. Rider Team Category Points
1.96Brian McArdleOrwell WheelersA23
2.30Eugene MurtaghLucan CRCA22
3.73Henry CookeLCCA31
1.14Peter TuohyCastlebar CCA23
2.30Eugene MurtaghLucan CRCA22
3.96Brian McArdleOrwell WheelersA21
1.30Eugene MurtaghLucan CRCA28
2.96Brian McArdleOrwell WheelersA27
3.14Peter TuohyCastlebar CCA23
4.73Henry CookeLCCA33
5.75Paul DunneLiquidworx FitscienceA32
6.26John PriestLucan CRCA31



Mountains Competition

Rás Maigh Eó


OrganiserNoel BradyStage15th March 2015Climbing classification after


Position No. Rider Team Category Points
1.15Karl BensonCastlebar CCJnr3
2.119Darragh BaileyTeam iTapA32
3.29Conn McDunphyLucan CRCJnr1
1.15Karl BensonCastlebar CCJnr3
2.29Conn McDunphyLucan CRCJnr2
3.14Peter TuohyCastlebar CCA21
1.15Karl BensonCastlebar CCJnr8
2.21Cian SuthcliffeLucan CRCJnr3
3.130Rob CumminsWheelworxA23
4.29Conn McDunphyLucan CRCJnr3
5.92Neal HudsonOrwell WheelersA23
6.119Darragh BaileyTeam iTapA32
7.14Peter TuohyCastlebar CCA21
8.131Michael LeonardLucan CRCA21


A3 Riders

Rás Maigh Eó


OrganiserNoel BradySeparate classificationA3Stage15th March 2015


General classification afterAverage speed of winner40,352km/hTotal distance184,41km


Position No. Rider Team Category Time Gap
1.109Fergal MaySt Tiernans CCA34.34’12”
2.133Stephen DonnellyLiquidworx FitscienceA34.34’17”5″
3.120David BrodyTeam iTapA34.34’19”7″
4.75Paul DunneLiquidworx FitscienceA34.34’26”14″
5.116Ronan FitzpatrickN3 RacingA34.34’31”19″
6.113Matthew McCullaghSundrive Track TeamA34.34’33”21″
7.108John MaloneSt Tiernans CCA34.34’34”22″
8.122Paul O ConnellTipperary WheelersA34.34’43”31″
9.73Henry CookeLCCA34.34’45”33″
10.90Jamie BusherOrwell WheelersA34.34’46”34″
11.104Richard GribbonsSeven Springs CCA34.34’47”35″
12.44John FitzpatrickCKR Cycling ClubA34.34’50”38″
13.62Ronan FordeGalway Bay CCA34.35’05”53″
14.27Andrew KeoghLucan CRCA34.35’05”53″
15.78Colin ReynoldsLiquidworx FitscienceA34.35’07”55″
16.13David WalsheCastlebar CCA34.35’07”55″
17.88Enda MolonyNorthwest MTBA34.35’07”55″
18.126Colm FerrariUCD CCA34.35’10”58″
19.4Gerard CorcoranWest Port Covey WheelersA34.35’12”1’00”
20.23Sean FlynnLucan CRCA34.35’14”1’02


Junior Riders

Rás Maigh Eó


OrganiserNoel BradySeparate classificationJnrStage15th March 2015


General classification afterAverage speed of winner40,317km/hTotal distance184,41km


Position No. Rider Team Category Time Gap
1.89Caimin MuldoonNRPTJnr4.34’26”
2.45Simon TuomeyCork Giant Race TeamJnr4.34’31”5″
3.29Conn McDunphyLucan CRCJnr4.34’39”13″
4.15Karl BensonCastlebar CCJnr4.34’40”14″
5.22Dermot WhiteLucan CRCJnr4.34’45”19″
6.46Robert O LearyCork Giant Race TeamJnr4.35’12”46″
7.21Cian SuthcliffeLucan CRCJnr4.35’40”1’14”
8.31Stephen BryanLucan CRCJnr4.35’41”1’15”
9.41Peter KilgallenBallina CCJnr4.35’44”1’18”
10.106Kevin MartinShannonside CCJnr4.36’43”2’17”
11.34Evan DonoghueAAA Cycling TeamJnr4.50’56”16’30”
12.55Austin LeeErrigal CCJnr5.09’08”34’42”
13.53Kieran HarkinErrigal CCJnr5.11’31”37’05”
14.54Adam RankinErrigal CCJnr5.18’29”44’03”
15.61Ben VaheyGalway Bay CCjnr5.48’22”1.13’56”