2014 McNally Cup Champion

McNally Cup Club Championship Race 2014

The McNally Cup Club Championship Race 2014 will be held this Sunday the 6th of July.
Please note that there has been a change to the start time and the route.
Presentation and Buffet dinner at 8:30 in Uncle Sams’s Bar, The Mill Times Hotel
Marshals required: Anyone not racing and who is available to marshal can you please contact Stephen Breheny on 086 6081890.
About the Race: this is a handicapped race with similar groups to the Covey Club League.
The Route: Westport – Newport – Glenisland – Newport – Westport
Distance: 63k approx..
Who can take part: All club members who have a Limited Competition License or a Full Competition License.
(note: club members who have a non competition licence will need to up grade their licence on-line before Sunday if the want to take part)
Entry Fee: 10 euro
Sign on: At the Leisure Centre at 5PM.
Race Start: 6 PM Sharp. King Hill on the Newport Road
Every rider must wear a number pinned to the back of their jersey, this number must not be covered by a rain jacket or clothing. Numbers will be needed to assign prizes for each category, and in the case of a photo finish, the number will count.
Prizes: Location of prize given will be announced shortly.
The overall winner will be the Club Champion for 2014 and will receive the McNally Cup. The 2013 Club Champion is Colm Staunton.
Prizes Top 3 Overall, Ladies Club Champion, unplaced Group 1, unplaced Group 2, unplaced Group 3. We also have a junior prize and KOH at climb by Coolmoore School.
Presentation & Food: Buffet Dinner to be served at 8:30 in Uncle Sam’s Bar, The Mill Times Hotel.