MTB Start

Connacht Spring MTB League – Round 1

MTB Start
A good turn out of riders from the Westport Covey Wheelers enjoyed a tough day in Moycullen. A cold and blustery Sunday did not deter Noel Kelly and family, Reg Cowie, Danny or Declan Maloney from attending. Noel and family all put in great performances. Reg and Danny went off in the expert category. Following three minutes behind them came Declan, who was in the youth under 14’s. Although the under 16’s had set off 1 1/2 minutes before Declan, after two laps Declan swiftly caught up with the under 16 group of riders. The under 14’s race was over after two laps but Declan decided to give chase to see where he could finish with the under 16’s!. On the third lap he passed the rest of under 16’s and half of the expert group including his Dad. He managed to finish first in the under 16’s, but withdrew from the race for safety reasons. Reg and Danny finished after 5 very hard and demanding laps due to the horrendous weather conditions. This will be the last race to be held in Moycullen due to a new road going through the race course.
[Report by Danny Maloney]

Elite: 6 Laps
1st: Damien Duggan – Chainreaction – 73m 31s
2nd: Oisin Mooney – Eire Óg – 76m 34s
3rd: Neil Martin – Connemara MTB – 84m 52s
Expert: 5 Laps
1st: Sean Holland – Connemara MTB – 69m 23s
2nd: Dean Gillespie – Ballina CC – 71m 41s
3rd: Reg Cowie – Covey Westport – 72m 39s
4th: Dan Maloney – Covey Westport – 74m 02s
5th: Darren McGann – West Coast Wheelers – 75m 25s
6th: Peter Gillespie – Ballina CC – 76m 28s
7th: Brendan O’Hanlon – Connemara MTB – 80m 33s
8th: Alan Conroy – GMIT Castlebar – 82m 40s
Sports: 4 Laps
1st: Fran Kearns – Connemara MTB – 58m 01s
2nd: Derek Haynes – Connemara MTB – 59m 22s
3rd: Michael Hopkins – Ballina CC – 60m 22s
4th: Tommy Morrissey – Seven Springs – 63m 44s
5th: Ross Oogan – Eire Óg – 66m 30s
6th: Rory Mooney – Connemara MTB – 70m 40s
7th: Seamus Breathnach – U/A – 72m 17s
8th: John Staunton – Connemara MTB – DNF
Senior Women: 3 Laps
1st: Liz Hastings – Connemara MTB – 49m 52s
2nd: Maire Boyle – West Coast Wheelers – 50m 34s
3rd: Sadhbh Baxter – West Coast Wheelers – 59m 12s
Novice Men: 3 Laps
1st: Tommy Lane – Seven Springs – 49m 12s
2nd: Graham Keighron – North West MTB – 50m 58s
3rd: Noel Kelly – U/A – 52m 55s
4th: Clive Hynes – U/A – 56m 10s
5th: Brendan Devaney – Ballina CC – 57m 09s
6th: Andy Bichard – Connemara MTB – DNF
Novice Ladies: 2 Laps
1st: Betty Walsh – U/A – 37m 19s
U-16: 3 Laps
1st: Diarmuid Harvey – Seven Springs – 42m 53s
2nd: Matthew Waters – U/A – 47m 14s
3rd: Ronan Dirrane – U/A – 47m 29s
4th: Danny Bichard – Connemara MTB – 58m 31
U-14: 2 Laps
1st: Declan Maloney – Covey Westport – 28m 21s
2nd: Ryan Connolly – U/A – 41m 09s
3rd: Darragh Devaney – U/A – 50m 26s
U-12 Boys: 4 Short Laps
1st: Dylan Waters – U/A – 9m 57s
2nd: Joey Faherty – U/A – 10m 20s
3rd: Rowan Lane – Seven Springs – 10m 30s
4th: Ben Maylock – U/A – 12m 10s
U-12 Girls: 4 Short Laps
1st: Ava Lane – Seven Springs – 11m 17s
U-10 Boys: 2 Short Laps
1st: Neachtan Walsh – U/A – 8m 41s
2nd: Padraic Regan – Connemara MTB – 9m 50s
3rd: Charlie Kelly – Covey Westport – 10m 27s
U-10 Girls: 2 Short Laps
1st: Emily Kelly – Covey Westport – 9m 15
2nd: Aoife Dirrane – Connemara MTB – 9m 19s
3rd: Amy Faherty – U/A – 10m 19s