Covey League 2013 Round 5 – Results

Below are the results and race reports from Wednesdays Double Stage.

The next league race is another road race on August 14th.

Race Reports by Group Winners

Group 1 – Stage 1 Report
1. Colm Stauton
2. Ger Corcoran
3. James McGreevy
4. Con Doherty

The group 1 peloton was increased in size and strength this week with the arrival of two new strong men, promoted from their respective groups as a consequence of their recent spell of good form – namely David Rodgers and Aaron Doherty.

Poor road and weather conditions were on the rider’s minds with no one wanting to go into Carbon deficit, so the group rode out of town towards the Srah loop at a fast but safe pace. Aichlinn, James, Sean and Con were doing some big pulls at the front and the group arrived together onto the Srah loop. Once we were on the Srah loop Ger launched a big attack but it was quickly reeled back in by the group. As we returned onto the main road it was shaping up for a sprint finish. However, some others had different ideas and as we exited off the main road and onto the Srah loop for the last time, Aaron launched a fearless solo attack but he was also closed down. We arrived in a tight group to the final bend before the finishing straight with Mike positioning himself well at the front of the group on the approach.

Con had been experiencing some mechanical difficulties in the form of a loose saddle for the previous couple of kms and as we exited the final bend he launched an aggressive attack with everyone in tow, the force and power of which dislodged his loose saddle!, resulting in him losing momentum and speed at the critical point of the sprint. Meanwhile, Colm and James had to manoeuvre around Cons mechanical and the saddle debris. The front of the sprint group contained Ger and Aichlinn leaving the five of us to fight it out to the line. Gerry hit the GO button early and began to fade about 50m out from the line leaving the win for Colm, Ger 2nd James 3rd and Con 4th …Everyone’s thoughts now quickly focused onto the Hill Climb Finish of the next race!!!


Group 2 – Stage 2 Report
1. Con Doherty
2. Sean Flynn
3. Colm Stauton
4. Aaron Doherty

For the first while the race was controlled. There was a couple of jumps until James McGreevy got away. He stayed away until we reached the bottom of Coillach. I found myself at the front of the group but stayed at a relaxed pace until it got a bit steeper. When I turned my head to look back no one was there except for Sean Flynn. We slowed down a bit and I was looking for him to make a jump. But he didn’t, so I did and came up first. I’d also like to apologize for holding up the group before we could start again.


Group 2 – Stage 1 Report
1. Michael Needham
2. David Walshe
3. Dave O’Malley
4. John Lenehan

On a pretty wet and wild summer evening for racing a nice crowd turned up for our league race, group 2 was tight all the way out to Srah with very little in the line of attacks or breakaways, as we did the lap of Srah, a few made moves to get away but nothing held, it was clear at this stage it would be a sprint finish and a fast one it was the whole group went for the line with a few wheels touching, I new I needed the points to stay up the league and gave the sprint a good go and went for the line to have about 3 bike lengths to spare! My luck wasn’t as good on the climb!!


Group 2 – Stage 2 Report
1. Bredan Conway
2. David Walshe
3. Sean McLoughlin
4. John Lenehan

After the first race it was very steady all the way to Aughagower with nobody prepared to attack everybody saving themselves for the hill.

Michael Needham had a small gap leaving the village which was closed by David Walshe and John Lenehan. I decided to sit and wait for someone to go and David Walshe was the first to try and jump (going well for first Covey race), I followed and waited until halfway up the hill to attack. I got away had a quick look back to see only Dave and Sean McLoughlin behind both going well and felt I had just enough to get over the top. Well done to all Marshalls who helped out on a wet night.

Group 3 – Stage 1 Report
1. Simon Moran
2. Tony Fitzgerald
3. Eoghan Carr
4. Theo Igham

Group 3 consisted of 16 riders which was a great turnout considering the bad Evenings weather. I myself was in two minds leaving the house, nearly hoping to would be cancelled.

At the start two riders came off approaching the bridge so we stopped for a few seconds to get everyone back on, no injuries to men or bikes Thank God. Hence the pace was very steady until we got to the first lap of the Srah Loop, then 3 of the junior riders made a break and got up the road a little so the rest of us put in a couple of efforts to pull them back.

As we turned left after the school, Martin Nee made a solo attack and stayed away until close to the main road, but was back to join us again. The pace was steady on that next main road section with a bit of sitting up having a look at each other going on.

On the second lap of Srah the group remained very close, keeping wheels tight with a greatly increased pace. On the final run in I was near the back of the group and with the school in sight, decided to pull out to the right and go for it, thinking I had gone too early??
This time it worked, with about two bike lengths in hand. I’m told.

Also well done to Eoin McLaughlin winning our Group 3 Second Race.

Thanks to all the marshals for their time and efforts.


Group 3 – Stage 2 Report
1. Eoghan McLoughlin
2. Eoghan Carr
3. Andrew Currid
4. Ann Marie Egan

It was a wet evening and I was not looking forward to de race. De second race started nice we were a bit wet , cold and tired after de first race. So it took a while to get going.. At de main westport road de pace had picked up and I was out de back with Keith . I made my way up de group to Ben s wheel .

There was a couple of breaks along de way that we just let go as we knew we would catch then until Ben walsh stood and took on de race just before de mase turn . I made a decision to bridge de gap to Ben, little did I know but Theo was on my wheel so soon enough it was de three of us in de break . De three of us were bursting up de rd towards aughougher when all of a sudden Ben had a puncture and it was left to my self and Theo..

We came into aughougher with a comfortable lead but went straight tro instead of turning left so I had to stop and turn back round and up towards collaige at this stage de group had cough us . So myself Owen and Ann Marie just went for it and half way up I looked back and I was in de lead so I put de foot down and kept going with de only thought in my head was de line.

Well done to Andrew curried on placing third. Hard luck to Ben pity about de puncture.

Thanks a million to our coach Tony Walsh all de great training is paying off … Bring on donegal

Below is the updated league table:
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