Tom Bourke Mid Summer GP Results

T.Bourke Mid Summer GP was held over a 60km course with over 50 riders taking part. The weather cleared throughout the day leaving a slight headwind for the first 30km making it a great evening for racing.

It was a flat route with some drags and it was on these drags that the handicap came together with Charles Predagast riding at the front of the A1/A2 bunch.

With almost 30km to go the A1/A2 riders broke away from the main group with only one rider from the A3/Junior group sticking with them, Cael Coen.

Charles broke away with only one rider managing to keep with his pace, Chris Troy, with Charles taking the win.


Top 8

  1. Charles Prendagast – Polygon Sweet Nice
  2. Chris Troy – Castlebar CC
  3. David Brennan – Castlebar CC
  4. Mark Quigley – Western Lakes CC
  5. Cale Coen – Castlebar CC
  6. Colm Staunton – Westport Covey Wheelers
  7. Jarlath Togher – Cunga CC
  8. Sean Flynn – Westport Covey Wheelers


Unplaced A4 

Michael Flynn – Westport Covey Wheelers

Unplaced Covey Wheeler

David Rodgers

First Lady

Noreen O’Toole – Westport Covey Wheelers

Photos by C.McKeown