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Work The Bike Cycle – Friday June 21st 2013

Jigsaw Galway Youth Mental Health Program have organised an awareness and fundraising day called Work the Bike cycle. It will be taking place on Friday June 21st 2013. Work the Bike is an official event of Galway Bike Week and is sponsored by Galway City Council.

Work The Bike is a cycle aimed at getting people with bikes to cycle to work with us that morning. The cycle itself is a 23km loop of the main employment hubs of Galway City, as participating cyclists reach their workplace, along the route of our cycle, they will depart the Work The Bike group and well, go to work!

Its free to register, but we are asking all cyclists to make a donation, or fundraising in advance of the cycle, to Jigsaw.

I have attached the file for the promotional poster and would be grateful if you could please share this with any cyclists in your club, or anyone you know who may be interested.
If you would like copies of the actual printed poster, let me know and I will post them to you.

You can find more information at If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at Jigsaw.

final_work the bike cycle poster_A2 (1)

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