Covey League 2013 – RD 2 Results

Below are the results from yesterday evenings Covey Wheelers Club League Round 2.

A big thank you to all the volunteers and marshals who gave their time to help out yesterday.

Group 1 went out first and immediately had to contend with a severe headwind all the way to Louisburgh, which all the other groups would soon experience. Apart from a few minor attacks the group stayed pretty much together until the incline at Bertha which saw a group including Con, Ollie, Michael and Patjoe break away. This group worked well together and with a favorable wind on their backs at the turnaround managed to stay away from the chasing pack. When it came down to a sprint finish Michael crossed the line first closely followed by Patjoe, Ollie and Con respectively. Winners group race time was 01:02:30

Shortly after Group 2 headed out, a few attacks were made (especially from the younger riders who were eager to show how much they have progressed on over the winter) but all were quickly caught as the headwind proved too strong for any sustained breakaway. The group dwindled down to 7 riders by the time they got to Louisburgh which was followed shortly afterwards by a 4 man breakaway at Old Head consisting of Dave O Malley, Sean Flynn, Dave Rodgers and Sean Mcloughlin. This group worked hard together and kept up the pace until the final sprint to finish. Sean Flynn showed that he has quickly recovered from last week’s crash and took first comfortably on the uphill finish.

In Group 3 there was a big effort made by everybody from Murrisk to Louisburgh. Sean O’Boyle and Fergal Mackin among others drove the pace hard at the front but coming into Louisburgh the pace slowed and the group was able to reform. Michael Needham tried to make a break at Old Head and after a few more quick attacks, Aaron Doherty finally managed to break away on his own for a couple of km before he as well was reeled back to the group at Liscarney. At this stage a group of about 8 riders were left, few were willing to take the lead as all were vying for position for the finish. After Gannon’s garage the pace ramped up one last time for a few more big attacks but no breaks materialized until the final sprint which saw Aaron Doherty squeeze past Michael Needham to take first.

Group 4 like all the preceding groups beforehand, had to work hard together to overcome the strong headwind until the turn around at Louisburgh. Shortly before Old Head, Ben Walsh made a solo break which he maintained for about 2km before being caught by the rest of the group. As the pace increased 4 riders, Ben Walsh, Paul Reynolds, Martin Nee and Eoghan Carr found themselves in a breakaway at Murrisk which was maintained until the final 2km where Ben made attack after attack to shake off any pursuers and took victory for group 4.

Race Report by Anthony Chappat

Group 1:

1st Micheal Brady– 5pts
2nd Patjoe O Connell – 4pts
3rd Ollie Whyte– 3pts
4th Con Doherty – 2pts

Group 2:
1st Sean Flynn – 5pts
2nd Dave O Malley – 4pts
3rd David Rodgers – 3pts
4th Sean McLoughlin – 2pts

Group 3:
1st Aaron Doherty – 5pts
2nd Michael Needham– 4pts
3rd Theo Ingham– 3pts
4th Declan Maloney– 2pts

1st Ben Walsh – 5pts
2nd Paul Reynolds – 4pts
3rd Martin Nee– 3pts
4th Eoghan Carr – 2pts

Below is the League table so far, based on the Results from the first 2 rounds.

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