Rás Chonamara 3 Day

Details for Rás Chonamara 3 Day 2013


The overall Winner will Receive the Gerry Clancy Memorial Trophy and the Yellow Jersey.

There will be 3 Jerseys on offer:
– The Leaders jersey
– The Sprinters jersey
– The King of the Hill (KOH) jersey.

There will be four stages:
– One 93km Road Race

– One 95km Road race

– One 10km Time Trial stage

– One 50km road stage.

On stage 1, stage 2b and stage 3 there will be an opportunity to receive points for the Sprinters jersey and the KOH jersey. The points will be for the first 3 riders over the line. There will be no points available on stage 2a as it will be a time trial. There will be one KOH prime on stages 1, 2b, and 3, with two opportunities to receive points for the Sprinters jersey.

The final stage will be held on a circuit comprising of 5 laps. There will be a sprint prime and a Koh prime on the 3rd lap and then on the final lap there will be sprint points available.

The points will be as follows:
– 1st place: 3 points
– 2nd place: 2 points
– 3rd place: 1 point

Sign-on Location:
The Boat inn (is located in the centre of the village)
Time: 8:30am to 10am.

Race HQ
The Boat Inn
Oughterard, Co. Galway

Start Location
All stages will start at Race HQ as a rolling start, with the exception to the time trial which will start at St Pauls School in the village of Outherard.

Time and Routes
Stage 1 (March 30th)
Start Time: 11am
95km Road Race
Race Route: Oughterard – Maam Cross – Maam – cornamona – Finny – Maam – Maam Cross – Oughterard

Stage 2A (March 31st)
Start Time: 8.30am
10km Time Trial
Location: Gleann Circuit

Stage 2B (March 31st)
Start Time: 1pm
95km Road Race
Race Route: Oughterard – Maam Cross – Leenane – Kylemore – Recess – Maam Cross – Oughterard

Stage 3 (April 1st)
Start Time: 10am
50km Road Race
Location: 5 Laps of Gleann Circuit.

Full details here.

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