Westport Covey Wheelers Club League 2013 Details

Westport Covey Wheelers Club League 2013 will consist of 2 Time Trials, a Hill Climb and 5 handicap Road Races.

The first event is a 17 KM Time Trial on Sunday March 3rd. The route is the same as last years Time Trials, starts & finishes at Horkans Garden Centre, with the turn in Murrisk. Sign on is at 9am at the skate park.

Normally we will hold the road races on a Wednesday evening bar the first road race on Tuesday 16th April. The format will be much the same as last year but with varied routes including hill top finishes!

Entry fee is 20 euro, you can enter at any stage of the League.
Every rider must wear a number pinned to the back of their jersey at every race, this number must not be covered by a rain jacket or clothing.

For the full set of rules for the league please see the attached “Westport Covey Wheelers Cycling Club League Rules and Points System 2013″ document below.


1. March 3rd – Approx 17KM Time Trial. Route Map
2. April 16th – Road Race (Tuesday)
3. May 22nd – RR
4. June 5th – RR
5. July 31st – RR
6. August 14th – RR
7. September 4th – Hill Climb
8. September 29th – Approx 17KM TT

Club Championship Race – McNally Cup
July 7th. 69 KM Doolough Loop with finish at top of Farnaught.
The same route and format as last year with KOH and Sprint primes.
Route Map

Club League Scoring
For the first Time Trial, riders will be divided into groups based on their licenses.
Group 1: A2/A3
Group 2: A4/Juniors
Group 3: Club/Underage

All riders who participate in the TT score 2 points. The fastest rider in each group will score an additional point. After the Time Trial cyclists will be placed into 4/5 groups of mixed licenses based on TT and current form.

The first 5 Riders in each group score in each road race.
1st – 6pts
2nd – 5pts
3rd – 4pts
4th – 3pts
5th – 2pts

Road Races, Hill Climb and Final TT: The first 5 Riders across the line in each group score in each race. Everyone who participates will score 1pt

Please read the attached document for the Race format, Rules and Points system.
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