Western/ Covey League RD8 – Heneghan sprints to victory

WLCC’s Heneghan Sprints To Victory

At Round 8 of the league junior Kieran Heneghan showed youth was on his side when he showed everyone a clean pair of heels in the sprint for the line. On the night the scratch group had to overcome an 8minute H/cap. Out front lone leader Anthony Chappat only new to the Covey Westport line up held on with 5k to go before been swallowed up by the strong men of the Scratch group. In the long up hill finish to the line serval attacks were made but none stuck leaving a sprint to sort out the results. Heneghan explosive burst was enough for him to take the win ahead of teammates Sean O Malley and JJ Flaherty.


    1st Kieran Heneghan WLCC

    2nd Sean O Malley WLCC

    3rd JJ Flaherty WLCC

    4th James Mc Greevy CW

    5th Kevin Ryan WLCC

    6th Mike Flanagan WLCC

    7th Anthony Chappat CW

    8th Keith O Connell CW

    9th Martin Joyce WLCC

    10th Michael Flynn CW

      Teams on the night Western Lakes 229PTS, Covey Westport 159pts

      Overall Team Covey Westport 2165pts, Western Lakes 2120pts. To maintain this lead we need a big Covey turn out for the last 3 events, one last Road Race, a Time Trial and a Hill Climb.

      Round 9 takes place on Wednesday the 22nd of August in Westport, sign on at the leisure park from 6.15pm with race start at 7pm sharp due to fading light.

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